Khadi Rose Face Scrub

Khadi Rose Face Scrub

Heylo All,

Today’s review is about a face scrub from Khadi. I have recently found a new love in Khadi brand. This company makes some really good products. My sister has been using them for quite some time and she rubbed off some of her genuine interest in the company onto me too.

Khadi Rose Face Scrub

I got this Khadi Rose Scrub and I am having a good review about it.

Product Description:

Khadi face scrub totally made from herbal items is useful for all skin types. It removes germs and pollutants from the skin.

How To Use:

Wet the face and neck. Apply scrub 3 to 5 gms gently.  After 5 to 10 minutes, wash it with warm water.


Rs. 100 for 50 gms.


Akhrot, Rose water, sandal wood oil and Papaya juice.

Rose Face Scrub

My Take on Khadi Rose Face Scrub:

The product is made from totally herbal products (as per the listed ingredients), so that is one good thing about it. It smells good and that is another plus.  The scrub has fine granules that thoroughly remove the dead skin – a big plus but here is the problem. Since the granules are made up of walnut, they can be a little harsh on skin if you rub them rigidly.  One has to be gentle in using the scrub. It is definitely not recommended for daily or alternate day use. It is better to use it 2-3 times a week. Girls with sensitive skin should test it before using as it may prove to be quite harsh. While using Khadi scrub, I happened to harm my skin a little bit, but I agree that I did it rather not-so-gently. But I also must admit that since that day, it has given a glow to my face. The face is very clear. I used it on the day we went out and by the evening, I had accumulated lot of dirt and sand particles on my face which can be very stubborn while removing.  You can easily compare the scrub with Everyuth Walnut scrub. Some of my friends who used it complained that it was a little too exfoliating in nature while some have made it a HG.

Rose Face Scrub

Its consistency is like a cream, neither too runny nor too thick. Again, I used it after a vacation of 2 days in different islands, under scorching sun and in salty water and at that time, it really removed all the grim and dirt and gave me a clean face.

Rose Face Scrub

One negative that I find in the scrub is that it comes in a tin tub kind of a packaging and the lid, Oh My God, I had a tough time opening it and later it just wasn’t ready to be put back on the tub!

Also, if you look at the tub, you feel it has a good amount of scrub in it, but only after opening it, you realize that it is really 50 gms.

Pros of Khadi Rose Face Scrub:

  • Made up of herbal ingredients.
  • Smells good.
  • Cleanses properly and removes dead skin.

Cons of Khadi Rose Face Scrub:

  • Can get a little harsh on the skin if not used gently.
  • The packaging is a bit uncomfortable to use, the lid and the tub kind of pot.
  • Quantity is less as compared to the price.

Overall Recommendation:

Good scrub and I would like to have it in my beauty regime.

Will I Repurchase Khadi Rose Face Scrub?


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26 thoughts on “Khadi Rose Face Scrub

  1. This sounds really good Surabhi..I was also planning to get some Khadi products because of their herbal ingredients..Will definitely give this a go…Thanks for the review!! 🙂

  2. didnt know they had a scrub as well. I use the khadi rose water currently and i really like it.will check out the scrub. I am sure some online site will have it. thanks for the review.

  3. khadi is 1 of my fav brands :)) :)) :)) thanx a lot for the review , will definitely get this :woot:

    btw nice pictures :love: :love: :love:

  4. Have been using Khaadi products for about 3 years now, and I swear by them . Excellent range of herbal soaps, shampoos and hair packs. Same stuff is packaged in fancy bottles and sold in plush shops like Tatha, Iraya and Nature Essentials. Do try Khadi’s ubtans; you wont need facials.

  5. I have considered picking this up so many times and always give up the idea at the last minute. Thanks for the review, Surabhi. :toothygrin: I am definitely going to try this now. :yahoo: I love their little adorable “dabba”. 😀 It’s so unique. :happydance:

  6. Khadi has some real nice stuff! I am using d neem tulsi and rose orange face pack, and they are pretty decent when one is in a hurry! Their soaps also make a nice change. Thanks for the review! Will definitely pick this up next!

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