Khadi Rose Face Wash – Review


Khadi Rose Face Wash – Review

Hello girls!

This is my first post on IMBB and I am really excited to be writing this. I have read a lot of reviews on IMBB and figured it is time I write one myself .

khadi rose facewash

So here is my review on the Khadi fash wash in rose enriched with vitamin e and aloe vera. I have heard about the Khadi line and to my expectation these products are 100% natural and are skin friendly. The other chemicals might show up instant results but are very damaging. But the Khadi products are all herbal and natural .


INR 135 for 210 ml

What the product claims:

Rose face wash is an innovative face wash which has the goodness of Tulsi, and Aloe Vera extract and removes excess surface oil, dirt and pollutants. It contains active vitamin E milli balls which provide excellent nourishment to the skin. It helps to remove pimples.


Rose alba, Ocimum Sanctum, Cucumis Sativus, Aloe Vera, Glycerine, S.L.E.S preservatives, Nimbo Salt, Vitamin E, Purified Salt.

My take on the Khadi rose face wash:

khadi rose facewash 1
Firstly, to talk about the packaging, it is a simple transparent plastic container with a flip open cap. The face wash is in a light pink colour with blue milli balls in it (which is the vitamin E balls). The consistency of the face wash is a little soapy and nice. It is not too runny, and is in more or less a jelly form.

Next about the fragrance- It is nothing great but a simple rosy smell, very soothing and nice and not too strong. Squeezea small amount on the wet palm and crush the active vitamin E milli balls and massage on wet face in circular motion. Wash off.! Voila! Clear clean skin revealed.
While using the face wash crush the milli balls for an effective use of the face wash. These milli balls are extremely good for oily skin as it contains vitamin e. It removes the oil in the skin without drying it out.

Personally I really like this face wash. I have combination skin and it works perfectly for my skin. It neither dries out completely nor makes it oily. It removes just the amount of extra oil and keeps the face very moistened.

I think this face wash like others need not be followed with a moisturizer after use as the moisture given by the face wash itself is more than sufficient.
khadi rose face wash
Pros of the Khadi Rose face wash:

• Suitable for all skin types.
• The vitamin E milli balls make the face wash more effective.
• Inexpensive for its good quality.
• Quantity is extremely good for its price.

Cons of the Khadi Rose face wash:

• Packaging is simple and not very attractive.
• Scent is average.
• Initially the milli balls do not come out for a few uses.

IMBB Rating:


Will I repurchase the Khadi Rose face wash?

Yes, Definitely I will. This is one of the few face washes which has suited me perfectly.

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11 thoughts on “Khadi Rose Face Wash – Review

    1. Radha.. i suggest u try this one too!! 🙂 😛 and does the sandalwood wash work for oily skin!!! i have oily skin!! doesnt it dry out too much?? :/

    1. pls do Preeti,, yes it does, not too overwhelming though. which is good…. but def has a soothing rose smell.. i <3 the smell on me personally 🙂 🙂

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