Khadi Rosemary Essential Oil Review

Hello ladies,

While writing this review today, I could not help remembering that my first review on IMBB was also an essential oil from Khadi. Almost 6 months have passed already!
As the name suggests, today’s product to be reviewed is Khadi rosemary essential oil. It is a new addition to the Khadi family along with many other essential oils. Read on to know why I am mesmerized by this oil.

Khadi Rosemary Essential Oil Review (2)

Product claims:

Khadi Rosemary Essential Oil Review (2)

Rs.325 for 15 ml

Shelf life:
2 years

Only key ingredient i.e. rosemary essential oil is given.

Khadi Rosemary Essential Oil Review (6)

It comes in a brown coloured transparent glass bottle. It has a white outer cap and 2 nozzles on the inner cap. There are 2 nozzles of different sizes but you would not be able to use just one at a time. I am unable to understand the logic behind this. This same bottle look is used for lavender as well as all other essential oils that Khadi manufactures.

My experience with Khadi Rosemary Essential Oil:

I have to order all my stuff from Khadi online as there are no Khadi stores in Bangalore. At least none that I know of. On receiving this particular package, while I was attacking on each product (Don’t you love online shopping? There’s always an element of surprise in it! 😀 :P) one by one, my nose smelt something very strong and herbal. I had my first doubt on this oil and I was right! It does have a strong fragrance, which is not sweet like lavender but still something very pleasing. At first, I thought it is very close to that of eucalyptus oil and I was disappointed because that I already had own. But after some time, I got used to the fragrance and I find it very relaxing now. Even more than lavender oil!!

Khadi Rosemary Essential Oil Review (3)

I wanted to use it with the rose petals and sugar scrub, which I did and posted on IMBB. You can read it here. This not only provides relaxation with its wonderful aroma, but also helps in relieving body ache. Yes, I had read about its anti-inflammatory properties but I was pleasantly surprised with its performance. Also, I had a bad headache one day, so I just poured some almond oil near my forehead and few drops of this oil and my headache was gone. Well, not immediately but after a nap. And I have really bad headache and I almost always take a Combiflam to get rid of it! This comes as a great alternative.

I added few drops of it to rose water, which I am using as a toner now. You would have read about a lot of goodness of this toner on IMBB. This essential oil helps in balancing the pH of the skin and is good for both dry and oily skinned beauties. I do find it a little dry on my normal to dry skin. So, I do not rub it on my skin. I just pour some on hands and apply it gently on my face like a patting motion.

I have also added it to my hair rinse of apple cider vinegar and water mixture. Rosemary oil helps with dry scalp and dandruff. Overall, I love this oil and I will buy it again.I could not have asked for more!

Tip:Essential oil should always be used with a carrier oil. Do not use it directly on the skin. It may cause burning sensation and/or itchiness.

Pros of Khadi Rosemary Essential Oil:

  • From a trusted herbal brand.
  • Price is justified given its quality.
  • Helps in relaxation and would be great with massage/bath oil
  • Has anti-inflammatory properties and is great for headache, backache etc.
  • Balances pH of skin
  • Helps with dry scalp and dandruff

Khadi Rosemary Essential Oil Review (4)

Cons of Khadi Rosemary Essential Oil:

Not a travel-friendly packaging.

IMBB Rating:

Will I repurchase Khadi Rosemary Essential Oil?
Yes. I may keep changing the other essential oil but this I am going to repurchase.

Do I recommend Khadi Rosemary Essential Oil?
Yes, yes, yes. Go, get it

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