Khadi Sandal & Turmeric Herbal Body Wash Review



I’m having a love-hate relationship with the weather these days. It feels really good to stay in bed for long, but at the same time it sure is making me lazy. Coming to today’s product, it is a body wash that I love a lot these days.

Khadi Sandal & Turmeric Body Wash (2)

Price: 220 INR for 210 ml

Khadi Sandal & Turmeric Body Wash (3)

Claims, directions and ingredients:

Khadi Sandal & Turmeric Body Wash (4)

My experience with Khadi Sandal & Turmeric Herbal Body Wash:

Khadi products have always worked for me so I never hesitate in trying them. It took me four months to finish up my last bottle of my body wash from Khadi. It was time to get a new one 😀
I really wonder why Khadi never change their packaging! Even this bottle comes in a typical ‘Khadi’ bottle which is transparent with a black screw cap with a flip cap. It is nonetheless convenient to use even though the aesthetics are unattractive.

Khadi Sandal & Turmeric Body Wash (5)

The body wash is yellow in color that just catches the eye. The fragrance of the body wash is not that prominent and it has a very faint smell of sandal that can be recognized when sniffed. So it won’t be a problem to people who dislike strong scents. The product claims to have a rich aroma of sandalwood that I would have preferred since I love the fragrance of sandal.
The texture of the body wash is same like the Neem and Tulsi one that I used earlier, almost gel like; neither too runny nor thick. It lathers really well at a little quantity and you wouldn’t need more. I did not have to reach the bottle time and again and a little quantity will go a long, long way.

Khadi Sandal & Turmeric Body Wash (1)

It definitely did not dry my normal skin so dry skinned beauties can give it a try. A plus point is that it is free from parabens and it contains shea butter that facilitates to moisturize the skin. It pretty much makes my skin soft and supple, no doubt. It absolutely cleanses well and leaves a fresh feeling. In a nutshell, I cannot say I am entirely happy with it but I am satisfied. The presence of turmeric could not be felt anywhere, and just by adding yellow color will not help. I would have wanted the aroma to be a little more prominent so that it reminded me that I am using a ‘sandalwood’ body wash.

Summing up the pros and cons.

Pros of Khadi Sandal & Turmeric Herbal Body Wash:

• Convenient packaging.
• Travel-friendly.
• He body wash is a lovely, bright yellow color that catches the eye.
• Contains shea butter that helps in moisturizing.
• Paraben-free.
• Cleanses the skin well.
• Does not dry the skin out.
• Leaves a fresh feeling behind.
• Affordable.

Cons of Khadi Sandal & Turmeric Herbal Body Wash:

• The aroma of sandal is too subtle for my preference.
• Presence of turmeric is not felt anywhere.
• Complete ingredient list is missing.
• Packaging could have been different.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5

Would I recommend/re-purchase Khadi Sandal & Turmeric Herbal Body Wash?
This is just a regular body wash of you ask me, and there is nothing fascinating about it. I’d recommend it for the fact that it looks pretty, and it is paraben free.

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