Khadi Sandalwood Herbal Massage Oil Review

Khadi Sandalwood Herbal Massage Oil

khadi sandalwood herbal massage oil
Product being reviewed- Khadi sandalwood herbal massage oil

Price- Rs 120 for 210m

List of ingredients- Sandalwood oil, Vitamin E, Apricot oil etc

What does Khadi sandalwood herbal massage oil claim-
‘Khadi massage oil is prepared by herbal based, useful for body ache and skin shrinks. It makes skin shiny and beautiful’

How to Use
Take 5 to 10ml massage oil, massage gently till 10 minutes.

My Experience with Khadi Sandalwood Herbal Massage Oil

I bought this oil as I am quite fond of body oils/massage oils as a part of my bath and body care regimen. Since I had liked the Khadi Herbal Body Wash With Orange And Lemongrass a lot, I thought of investing in a body oil from the Khadi range of products. It comes in a generic packaging, which is at the same time boring. It is a light-weight orange colored oil that comes in a transparent plastic bottle with a black colored flip-open cap.

Initially, the mouth of the bottle was securely sealed with a plastic cap, which I removed to pour some oil in my palm. I found that the oil has watery consistency and hardly seems ‘oily’. But the greatest disaster came when I wanted to feel the fragrance of the oil. Would you believe in me if I say that this sandalwood herbal massage oil smells of sandalwood and plastic combined? Indeed, it smells like molten liquid plastic and that was enough to turn me off. However, I moved on to apply it on my skin. It spread on the skin easily and didn’t feel oily. However, as a massage oil, I hoped it would get more quickly absorbed in the skin. I wouldn’t say I use it religiously everyday (the main reason being the weird scent of plastic that I get from the oil every time I use it) but of course, I try to make it a point to use it 2 or 3 times a week. So far, I have seen no improvement in my skin and it has not even helped me in relieving any body ache for that matter.

Pros of Khadi sandalwood herbal massage oil

• It comes at an affordable price, like most of the other Khadi products.
• The goodness of Sandalwood oil, Vitamin E, Apricot oil has been mentioned in the list of ingredients.
• It is available easily in online stores at discounted price. I got it at Rs 108.
• It is light-weight and not ‘oily’ in the right sense of the term.

Cons of Khadi sandalwood herbal massage oil

• I would have surely loved to know more about the ingredients instead of an abrupt ‘etc’.
• The scent is the greatest turn off. The smell is strange and if I am asked to describe it, I would tell you that it smells like ‘wee bit sandalwood in molten liquid plastic’.
• It takes time to get absorbed in the skin.
• It might turn out to be too much light weight for dry-skinned beauties.
• I haven’t found it effective in its claim of being ‘useful for body ache and skin shrinks’
• It does not make skin ‘shiny and beautiful’ (and if it is about making skin shiny, well, it does meet its claim only at the time the oil hasn’t been absorbed fully).
• Its packaging is boring and worst of all, the oil tends to leak from the bottom! This is the reason it has been placed on a small folded sheet of paper as you can see in the pictures.
(Oil leakage from the bottle on the paper on which it was placed)

Would I recommend Khadi sandalwood herbal massage oil?
Never would I do that. I don’t want anyone to waste Rs 120 on a massage oil that does nothing! Somehow it just didn’t suit me.

IMBB Rating: 1.25 out of 5

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    1. Of course they should mention everyting in the List of ingredients…i donno why this ‘etc’…i feel i shouldnt have bought it altogether and should have stuck to my good old olive oil…khadi has one too and ts known to be pretty good…

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