Khadi Scrub Silver Moon (With Sandal) Review

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khadi scrub silver moon

Today’s review is about this awesome product I’ve been using for the past 2 months. It is the khadi scrub silver moon (with sandal). Whenever I go to khadi I feel like buying everything from there. The ‘being Indian’ factor takes over. It reminds me of the ford slogan used in America which says be American buy American; I’d say be Indian buy Indian. with so much depth and so many secrets of herbal and organic remedies for each and every possible skin problem or enhancement out there in our Vedas I do not understand why people like us drift towards the usage of high end products which are not only expensive like but also are more chemically composed.

I realized it later but I always come down to using herbal stuff and look for herbal and less complex ingredients with no preservatives. For example, tea tree oil which had a very strong mention in a book titled kitchen shelf goodies or something like that. Nowadays, we find brands like the body shop, bath and body works, and even proactive using a certain amount of tea tree oil for aroma and antiseptic purpose.

So ladiessss, when we stay in Indyeah whyyy would we not use OUR own best stuff available. Believe me it works! it does after all it involves more extensive research and pureness than we can ever imagine today’s products would deliver to us! One more example I am tempted to give is of neem! Today everything is going back to neem- neem face wash, face packs and what not.

Ok, so here is something about the scrub after all my blabber, rest i’ll put in the pros section

Indication: It helps to remove scars, blemishes and dead epithelial cells, An ideal choice for pores cleansing.
Method of use : Rub the scrub on face, elbow & neck gently with finger tips in circular motion for 5-6 min. and clean with moist cotton. Don’t rub on acne and pimples.
Ingredients : Prunus Puddum, Rosa alba, Santalum Album, Ash of Zincum, Silver Scrub, Juglans regia, Mineral Oil, Preservative, Purified Water.

khadi scrub silver moon

As far as khadi silver moon scrub goes am going to list the pros and cons right here

khadi scrub silver moon swatch

Thumbs Up for Khadi Scrub Silver Moon:

  • First and foremost it is very affordable for students like me who cannot go out and really shop for their skincare stuffs in the mall often it is something u can buy real cheap and stock up and even use on your body if you do not like it on your face
  • The price was I think, Rs 125 or so or around the price tag got off as it has been siting on my bathroom shelf for long and I’ve used it too much.
  • A bottle will last you for well 3 months usage of twice a week standard
  • It is a boon for dry skinned ladies,because of north India winters i was looking for an exfoliation product which would not over dry my skin or give me that stretchy feeling,it totally dint make it bad
  • My skin is combination which turns to be a lil on teh drier side in winters.
  • Can be used on sensitive skin.
  • The granules do not hurt as in some other scrubs i have used
  • It is sort of cream based.
  • It seems to contain all herbal ingredients apart from mineral oil.
  • 210 mls for 125 rs is great
  • Khadi products are very widely available. I bought this one from the CP store in New Delhi
  • As far as I know there are 2 khadi stores in CP itself.
  • Shopping from the khadi ashram gives me a different kind of high. I have a feeling of money well spent and not just profiting some international cosmetic giant 🙂

Thumbs Down for Khadi Scrub Silver Moon

  • Contains MINERAL OIL 🙁
  • Umm me being from a small town have to go to a city like Delhi to purchase
  • I have two khadi stores in my town itself but not all khadi stores stock all khadi products
  • Does a pretty good exfoliating job ,without leaving the skin dry but i do not know if it works on blackheads or not because I do not have any 🙂
  • Sometimes when the scrub is half used it is difficult to get it out of the bottle
  • Wish khadi had some cute packaging like pink or coloured bottles rather than these. (lol girls would always be girls no matter even if it’s khadi)

OVER all I’d rate this baby :-* :-* :-* :-* for the effect it had and one less for non availability and boring bottle.

Have you tried Khadi Scrub Silver Moon? Please rate in the box below.

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30 thoughts on “Khadi Scrub Silver Moon (With Sandal) Review

  1. I have the gold scrub from Khadi. Havent even started using it as yet. 😐 But I do like Khadi scrubs, they work wonders for my skin. :))

    Thanks for reviewing.:))

  2. Nice review Fly girl ! :waytogo: I’ve been thinking of trying out Khadi products after reading so many good reviews. I’m not sure if it’ll work on my oily/acne prone skin.It contains mineral oil 🙁

  3. Thanks for the review Fly Girl!! :waytogo:
    I have gone maaaaaddddd searching for khadi scrubs in Pune.. 😥 😥 😥 ..Cannot find them anywhere.. 😥 😥 😥 I Religare I only find their stupid oils…and rose water….nothing else

  4. Hey..I have been following you guys for a while..great reviews ,i mean seriously ! I have bought some products only because of you all..thanks a ton 🙂
    By the way..where can i get the Khadi products? :/ I am in Indore and I havnt seen khadi products here

  5. thx all and ankita same skin type.acne prone combination tends to get lil dry in winters.
    @rati the gold one does actually contain gold kya? :stars:
    and all of the scrubs and oils in general frm khadi are supa :tongue:

  6. This is something that even I want,………………..BTW, I think we drift towards western skin care products because we haven’t been able to extract those ancient ayurvedic wonders from their raw form into a more convenient form for easy usage 😐 😐 😐 😐

  7. jomol true that but still we go out for things reading lemon extract for whitening and though it is reasonably easir to squeze half a lemon and put it on ur face using a cotton ball.
    something ive learnt really late.
    if nothing its me being attracted to pleasent smells and the high of owning clarins and blah!

  8. Hey Fly girl,

    Nice review…. and this one is available for online purchase too… remember Rati did a review for this where she had mentioned it… I am ordering… :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks: :thanks:

  9. tx for the review flygirl :thanks: and :thumbsup: for Khadi as it is really gud in every sense objective and price too…. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: I lv their handmade soaps so much :makeup: :makeup:

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