Khadi Tea Tree Oil Review

Khadi Tea Tree Oil

Hi everybody,

I have known about tea tree and its properties for over 12 years now. I started suffering from acne at the age of 16. Though then I use tea tree in various forms like face wash, creams and so on. I got into essential oils last year. Let’s read on to find out how tea tree helped me in curing acne.

Product description and directions of use:

Provides Relief from Cold, Sinusitis Soothes Muscle Aches and Arthritis Prevents Boils and Other Skin Infections Controls Dandruff Cleans and Clears Skin.
Directions: Take an adequate amount of this oil and dilute it with your carrier oil.


Rs. 315 after discount for 15 ml

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My experience with Khadi Tea Tree Oil:

I have suffered from mild to very severe acne for almost 10 years. I tried various products when the acne was mild but had to visit a dermatologist when it got very severe. I ordered for Khadi tea tree oil in April and have been using it quite often in various forms:

• I mix a few drops of it in rose water, store it in a spray container in the refrigerator and use it as a purifier during and post my gym sessions. After a run, I wipe my face with a tissue and spray this on the face and let my skin soak it. This helped me in avoiding acne post workout sessions.
• I take 3 to 4 drops and apply it directly on my skin once in 15 days (though a lot of people advice it should not be applied directly and should be diluted), this helps in drying the acne faster and prevent new ones. It stings my face for a minute and the smell disappears in a few minutes as well. Within a few minutes I feel a cooling sensation. I apply this only in the night as if applied during the day, the oil would lead to tanning.
• Once in a week I add a few drops in my night cream and this again helps in drying the existing ones and it gives a glow the next day.
• I add a few drops along with rose water in fuller’s earth and leave it for 30 minutes. This way the fullers earth does not lead to slight drying post it is washed
• I add a few drops of it in my bath water and I feel quite relaxed.
• I did not have any scars so I can’t say if Khadi tea tree oil works on reducing or removing them..
• For my hair, I mix it along with Almond oil. I do not have any fungal infections on my scalp but the smell helps in a soothing sleep.
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What I don’t like about Khadi Tea tree oil:

• There are 2 nozzles for the oil to be released, one big and one small. There is no way one can be used and the other can be closed. If not very careful I end up taking extra drops which lead to wastage.

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Would I recommend Khadi Tea Tree Oil ?

Yes! For sensitive and acne prone skin it is a must have in your skin collection.

Would I re-purchase Khadi Tea Tree Oil ?

Yes! I would always keep a bottle as it helps in avoiding post workout acne.

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