Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve Review

Hello beauties,

New Year is going more than awesome. And as I am turning really responsible about taking care of my hands, I am keenly trying out every new and interesting stuff that can treat my super dry hands. One such discovery in this journey of experiments is this hand cream from Kiehl’s. Ohkay, I am getting obsessive about hand creams but I can’t help it. The product I will be reviewing today is the Kiehl’s Ultimate strength hand salve hand cream. This is an impressive product so let’s see what this hand cream has that has impressed me.

Price: 800 INR for 75 ml


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Description (from their main website):

This heavy-duty treatment for the driest, most active hands is a thick, rich formula for all-day care and protection. The formula allows skin to actually draw and absorb water from the air, forming a “glove-like” protective barrier against moisture loss. With a blend of botanical oils and natural wax derived from Olive Oil, it soothes and conditions skin. Protects against and repairs the look of severe dryness caused by heavy industrial work, manual labor, neglect, or exposure to harsh elements.
Directions:To address severe dryness apply liberally to clean hands. For best results, reapply to hands after washing.

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My take on Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve :

I picked this up at the Kiehl’s store during my shopping trip. Let’s start off with the packaging; the hand cream comes in a white plastic tube which contains all the written stuffs and description about the product. The tube has a flip cap which is sturdy and easily shuts off with a click. The packing is simple, sturdy, hassle free and super travel friendly. The tube easily fits into one’s palm and into the purse too ;). The cream is white in colour and is a bit thick . The smell of this hand cream is exactly same as the Halls peppermint candy (yikes!!!) but fades away after few minutes of application.(phew!!)
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Before beginning my review let me mention this; the hand cream is really nourishing and is truly an heavy duty moisture treatment for dry hands. The hand cream though a bit thick easily blends into my skin within few rubs and instantly softens my hands. It leaves my hands a bit greasy but just for few minutes. Though I cannot immediately work on my lappy, I am still okay with it because the nourishment it give stays with me even during chilling winds. The softness does stay for 5-6 hours that’s pretty average. But that moisturization is truly heavy duty types. If u take a look at the directions on the tube it states that “reapply to hands after washing” that means this hand cream gets washed away when our hands are washed. It does wash off but the moisture doesn’t completely strip off, that is pretty good. My hand doesn’t feel dry and stretchy after washing as it usually used to before. Thanks Kiehl’s!!

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The hand cream has treated my chapped hands and has repaired them. Also my skin texture has become smooth and supple it has started looking like a 21 year girls hand thankfully ;). I feel this hand cream can give intense Moisturization in colder weather however I am not sure about extreme, snowy winters. Overall, I am happy that this hand cream has come as a good change in my hand care regime.

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Overall, if I compare this with the L’Occitane shea butter hand cream; this hand salve is tad bit less greasy and heavy than the shea butter one and little affordable too.I feel both these hand creams moisturize hands similarly!

Pros of Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve :

  • Travel-friendly tube.
  • Parabens free.
  • Does a good job of moisturising hands.
  • Has ingredients like aloe vera juice and oils of avocado, eucalyptus, sesame seed and olive.

Cons of Kiehl’s Ultimate Strength Hand Salve:

  • A bit expensive.
  • The cream gives little greasy feeling immediately after application ( but within a couple of seconds this greasiness vanishes away).
  • Apart from this, I have no issues with this hand cream.

IMBB rating: 4.7 out of 5


Will I repurchase Kiehl’s – Ultimate Strength Hand Salve?
Yes I would like to keep this cream handy at my side table.

Will I recommend Kiehl’s – Ultimate Strength Hand Salve?

Yes to all the ladies who need a bit of change in their hand care regime and for the one’s who are looking forward to intense moisturization for their hands.

I hope you guys loved the review. Waiting for all your comments, suggestions and corrections. Stay beautiful and take care……

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  1. this sounds sooo nice. I feel every one should have a hand cream because them you really take care of your hands. i mean I never ever use the regular lotion for hands but when i have a hand cream handy I end up using it out of obligation. 😀

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