Kiehl’s Water Based Lotion SPF 25 Review

Kiehl’s Water Based Lotion SPF 25

Hello Lovely Ladies,

I promised you review of a couple sunscreens and this was to come to you last week but the product disappeared. This happens often in my house that a product, especially one, which is about to be reviewed, disappears only to surface later in the toy bin or the utensil drawer or even on the shoe rack. I have to stop keeping things next to my laptop in view of my little cherub. I reviewed Estee Lauder – CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Full Spectrum UV Protector SPF 50 PA earlier and now I bring you a sunscreen from the house of Kiehl

Product Details:

• A lightweight, water-based lotion
• Enriched with Aloe Vera for soothing, anti-bacterial & anti-inflammatory benefits
• Shields skin against harmful UV rays with SPF 25
• Leaves no greasy or sticky residue
• Skin appears calmer, smoother & healthier looking
• Can also be used as a makeup base
• Ideal for oily skin that cannot tolerate too much moisture
About INR 1700 for 125ml


The product comes in a white plastic bottle 9sans an outer box) with a flip open cap. It’s a no fuss easy to carry packaging – no jazz around it.

My Experience with the Kiehl’s Water based lotion SPF 25:

I received this product way back in summer and procrastinated on the review – cause it was skincare instead of makeup. And good thing I did because you again get the benefit of how it performs – both in summers and in winters.

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The product is a thick-ish white lotion easy to dispense from the small spout of the bottle. Its easy to control how much product is dispensed out. The product itself is white but does not leave a white cask, which normal sunscreen areknown to do. It needs to be rubbed in a little to be absorbed by the skin. I find that a little product goes a long way coz its spreads easily over a larger area.

It is water based and does not leave a white cask or a greasy face, however, I do find it a little heavy for daily application on my oily skin. I actually stopped using it in summers because the product felt heavy – though it did not break me out or make my face oily on application. I felt that it worked better for me in the winters when my skin became more combination and its moisture requirement increased. Even a little amount spreads easily and gets absorbed by the skin – though I would not recommend going light with your sunscreen application as it may end up beating the purpose.

In the summers, I definitely did not need a separate moisturizer. Even in winters I preferred not to use one with it. So I can safely say that this would work well for females with dry skin by providing adequate hydration and sunscreen without making the face look oily/greasy.

Considering, how easily it spreads, its great to be used on the body as well – like arms, etc. Though I will not recommend it as aa product to use if you are going into pool or something because this being waterbased will quickly dissolve, leaving your skin unprotected.This may not be providing full spectrum coverage, as the PA specification has not been mentioned. Though, pls note that mentioning the PA specification is requirement only in Eastern countries where the same is recognized.


To sum this up for you –

Pros of the Kiehl’s Water based lotion SPF 25:

1. Good moisturization
2. Absorbs readily with a little rubbing
3. No white cask at all
4. No sign of greasiness
5. SPF 25
6. Did not break me out
7. Spreads well – makes for a great sunscreen for body as well.

Cons of the Kiehl’s Water based lotion SPF 25:

1. The feel of the product is thickish
2. No PA categorization mentioned

IMBB Rating: 4/5

This is a great sunscreen but not HG material for me – definitely better than other sunscreen in the market, but since I tried the Estee Lauder product, I find this heavy and so is not my first choice. I feel that females with drier skin will prefer this.

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    1. *thankyou* Gowthami. Kiehls’ products are generally in the higher bracket. At that price, you get 125 ml instead of the usual 30ml of others.

  1. The bottle looks sooo cute *woot* *woot* waiting to try out kiehl’s *happy dance* *happy dance* nice review *clap* *clap*

  2. thats a nice review….and love the little story of products getting disappeared and found in toy bin and shoe rack etc…. rofl rofl

    1. *thankyou* Anuradha! You have no idea how paranoid i used to get when things disappeared. Now i am more relaxed – i know it will surface sooner or later… *headbang* *headbang*

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