KIKO 105 True Red Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker Review

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We have so many different and unique products in the market that we never fall short of products that interest or surprise us. Similarly, when I was deciding to buy products from KIKO, then I came across this product labeled as a Lip Marker. I was intrigued to get my hands on it. I have seen lip pencils, glosses, lipsticks and what not, but never a lip marker, which looks like those white board permanent markers. What a disastrous decision it was!

KIKO 105 True Red Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker 00

6.90 GBP


KIKO 105 True Red Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker 3

Innovative, extremely long-lasting no transfer lip marker.The water-based formula, combined with special filming polymers, guarantees a natural tattoo effect and a pleasant “weightless” feeling on the lips. Thanks to the complex of active ingredients, it offers maximum comfort during application, immediate adherence and an adaptable intensity colour release.The fluid texture dries in just a few moments, leaving a light, ultra-fine film on the lips.The slightly rounded precision tip allows you to outline the contour and fill the lips with the desired colour intensity, for an effect that goes from semi-transparent to intensively covering.Enriched with moisturizing active ingredients, Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker leaves lips smooth and soft. The slightly fruity fragrance makes it even more pleasant to apply. Available in 8 very resistant mat shades. Hypoallergenic, formulated to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions. Paraben free.


KIKO 105 True Red Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker 2

My Experience with KIKO 105 True Red Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker:

This lip marker is basically a small, chubby, stunted sketch pen that is very similar to those white board permanent markers. The color of the pen represents the shade it belongs to. The cap closes securely and is not bound to open on its own. It has a good grip to it. It comes in a black cardboard box with the ingredients mentioned at the back and the number on the top. The name is mentioned on the website, but not on the pen or the cardboard box. It is very travel friendly. If you check their website, you will find that they have some real good shades in these.

KIKO 105 True Red Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker 4

True Red as the name suggests is a pretty red. It is neither too bright nor too muted. It is apt for day time as well as night. Also, this shade will suit all skin tones. It looks a little glossy, when applied but settles down to a matte finish. The tip of the lip marker is exactly like a sketch pen and it is neither too hard nor too soft. It is good enough to be able to line and fill in the lips. The texture is watery, but with proper application it would not look patchy or streaky.

KIKO 105 True Red Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker 5

The pigmentation is super good and what you see here in my lip swatches is a single application. When swatched on my hands, it seems to be running into fine lines, which is very evident from the swatches. It looks like I have drawn those lines with an actual marker. But, I did not notice it while applying on lips. One can intensify the color with multiple applications as well. When applied, it feels a little sticky for a minute or so, but then it settles down completely matte and dries in 2-3 minutes. The second application can be done after that. It is weightless and you would not feel any heaviness with multiple applications as well. An exfoliated lip is a must for this lip marker. It will just not smudge or move at all once dried. Trust me, when I say it will not. Also, it does not transfer at all and it is completely water proof.

KIKO 105 True Red Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker 6

So now, do not get carried away with what I just told you because here comes the disastrous climax to the story. After about six hours, it looked exactly the same as when I had freshly applied it. But, I felt a lot of dryness and so I kept applying lip balm over it for another two hours. It did not lose its intensity on applying the lip balm.

KIKO 105 True Red Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker 7 KIKO 105 True Red Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker 8


Finally, I decided to remove it. First, I used my Maybelline makeup remover on a cotton ball to remove it and it did not come off. It became probably only a bit lighter. Then, I used a face wash to get rid of it, but all efforts went in vain. It became a little pinkish though. I gave up. Now, this last picture of mine is clicked the next day almost after 20 hours of application, when my lips still look pink. It is crazy. Even on the third day after the application, one could see a light red lining on my lips.

KIKO 105 True Red Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker 9

It is super pigmented, long lasting ,budge proof and water proof, but just that these words should have been used in the superlative context as a warning. I have not had the guts to use this again and I do not know what I am going to do with it. Probably give it to my daughter for coloring. A total no-never kind of product for me.

Pros of KIKO 105 True Red Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker:

  • Innovative product.
  • Easy to line and fill lips.
  • Super pigmentation.
  • Smudgeproof and waterproof.

Cons of KIKO 105 True Red Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker:

  • Watery texture.
  • Not hydrating and feels dry.
  • Stays super long and would not come off with makeup remover.
  • Will stay the second day also.
  • A bit will stay even on the third day.
  • Lips start feeling rough by the third day as the entire product does not come off.

The cons here are so overpowering that no matter how good the product is made and performs, I still think it is a disastrous one.

Would I Recommend KIKO Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker #105 True Red?

Would I Repurchase KIKO Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker #105 True Red?
No. Spare me the horror.

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13 thoughts on “KIKO 105 True Red Long Lasting Colour Lip Marker Review

  1. OMG! If I ever get stranded in a desert and still wanna look, this is the kinda products I would love to apply. 😛 On serious note, the brand took ‘long lasting’ quite seriously. I would never want anything to stain my lips like that, though they look pretty. The shade is beautiful, but product is kinda dangerous. 😀

  2. The colour is so pretty but it so damn long lasting 😛 Seems like it should have been called a Permanent Lip Marker! 😉 ;P

  3. Had my hopes high, the color looks good, the swatches but and I was like :O *bewildered face* when I saw the rating and I had to scroll up 😛 The product might not come off even if it rains in the desserts 😉 I second you Shikha 😉 and by the way you got a unique OMG sense of humor 😀 really 🙂 Am sorry about your product Sayli and the climax of the story was disastrously funny 😛 Keeping it light , maybe you can pass it onto a kid for some motivation but for a disappointing lip sketch well reviewed 🙂 Am motivated to put a game face on towards products that can be a complete disappointment :/ but smiles for now 🙂

      1. I know Rama..that is my first thought to hand it over to my kiddo for drawing 🙂 wanted to review it thoroughly so that no one else gets into this situation 🙂

        1. Sayli that was thoughtful and indeed very kind of you 😛 It was no win and save situation and next time I see an intense lip marker would definitely think of you and smile 😀

  4. Baap re..a bit frightening, no!? :-/
    Lasting pigmentation, ok fine but this is madness.
    Should have come with a notice or something 😛

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