KIKO #206 Sparkling Orange Infinity Eyeshadow Review

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I literally go weak in my knees when I see eyeshadows. I want to keep buying them all the time. My husband says, “Yeh color toh hai na tumhare pass?” to which I reply, “Par ye texture, finish ya brand toh nahin hai na!” He thinks I have these obsession periods and I go crazy during such periods. But I know, you lovely ladies completely understand what I go through. Continuing with my KIKO love, I am here with my fourth eyeshadow from their ‘Infinity Eyeshadow’ range, #206 Sparkling Orange.

KIKO #206 Sparkling Orange Infinity Eyeshadow Review1

Innovative, highly pigmented eyeshadow for our repositionable [CLICS] System™ for instant, intense and even color release. Extreme coverage and can be used wet and dry. Its technologically advanced formula contains special ingredients that guarantee the highest performance eyeshadow for outstanding results. Its texture is surprisingly velvety and comfortable to the touch and with a unique consistency for buildable, perfectly blendable color. Infinity Eyeshadow is pure, shiny and has long-lasting hold of up to 12 hours*. With a range of 96 shades, there is an Infinity Eyeshadow color for every occasion.

Ophthalmologically tested. Hypoallergenic = formulated to ensure minimum risk of allergic reactions.
Paraben free.

KIKO #206 Sparkling Orange Infinity Eyeshadow Review3

KIKO #206 Sparkling Orange Infinity Eyeshadow Review4

GBP 2.80


My Experience with KIKO #206 Sparkling Orange Infinity Eyeshadow:

KIKO #206 Sparkling Orange Infinity Eyeshadow Review

The eyeshadow comes in a small round pan which has a lid to it. The pan is packaged in a plastic tray that secures it firmly and the tray is packaged in a cardboard carton. One can either use the pan along with its lid or remove the lid and put the pan in magnetic, empty palettes available separately with KIKO. The ingredients are mentioned at the back of the cardboard carton and the shade number is written at the top. The shade number is also mentioned at the bottom of the eye shadow pan. Although the name is mentioned on the website, it is nowhere to be seen on the eyeshadow pot or the carton.

KIKO #206 Sparkling Orange Infinity Eyeshadow Review2

# 206 is very true to its name and is a pretty sparkling orange shade. On the website, it looked more of an apricot orange kind of shade, but in reality it is truly just orange. This one also looks more brighter in the sun and you can see in one of the pictures I am holding it right opposite light and it looks brighter than other pictures. There are shimmers in the eyeshadow which are clearly visible in the pan and also on application. They are so minutely milled in the eyeshadow that you would not feel any grittiness of those shimmer particles. Texture is super soft and not at all dry or chalky. It has a pearly finish. I would not say shimmery finish as the shimmer particles are very closely held and hence gives a pearly finish. It is easy to blend with other eyeshadows as well.

KIKO #206 Sparkling Orange Infinity Eyeshadow Review6

The pigmentation is not what I had expected. It looks more pigmented in the eyeshadow pan, but is not when actually applied. A single swipe will give you only pearly orange tint on the lids. Multiple swipes are required to get that pearly noticeable orange shade. #206 can be built up for darker hues. The staying power is around 4-5 hours after which only shimmer remains and the color starts fading off. Also, it loses its shine. It looks a shade brighter on the eyeshadow primer and stays a bit longer too. It does not seem to crease on oily lids, but a thumb rule is to use one always. It is not waterproof.

KIKO #206 Sparkling Orange Infinity Eyeshadow Review5


KIKO #206 Sparkling Orange Infinity Eyeshadow Review7

Pros of KIKO #206 Sparkling Orange Infinity Eyeshadow:

• Pretty, sparkling, orange shade
• Shimmer in the eyeshadow
• Pearly finishing
• Smooth texture
• Easy to blend
• Staying power is good
• Travel friendly

Cons of KIKO #206 Sparkling Orange Infinity Eyeshadow:

• Pigmentation could have been better
• Not waterproof
• Availability in India

Would I Recommend KIKO #206 Sparkling Orange Infinity Eyeshadow?
Not really. Only if you want to, nothing very great about it.

Would I Repurchase KIKO #206 Sparkling Orange Infinity Eyeshadow?
No, there are many more options to try from.

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  1. I know how weak we all get when we see so much cosmetics around, and how the men in our life never understand this. 😛 I can’t carry such a shade on my eyes, but its pretty.

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