Kiko #35 Malachite Green Colour Sphere Eyeshadow Review

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I am still not done reviewing my Kiko and Zoeva stuff completely, but then I thought I should jumble between the products at least so you my lovely readers do not get bored of it. So, after reviewing #40 Gray Multicolor Colour, today I bring to you all the second shade from Kiko’s Colour Sphere range, #35 Malachite Green.

Kiko #35 Malachite Green Colour Sphere Eyeshadow

Baked silk effect eyeshadow, brilliant and easy to blend. Rich in illuminating pigments and multifaceted pearls for a special effects texture.May be used wet or dry to adjust the intensity from transparent to intense. Well tolerated by sensitive eyes. Available in 36 colour varieties.

Kiko #35 Malachite Green Colour Sphere Eyeshadow 2

GBP 4.10


Kiko #35 Malachite Green Colour Sphere Eyeshadow 3


My Experience with Kiko #35 Malachite Green Colour Sphere Eyeshadow:

The eyeshadow comes in a small round pan which has a see through lid to it. The pan is packed into a cardboard carton. The pan is made-up of soft velvety plastic and is black in colour. The pan will definitely attract dirt and dust. The lid is very steady and hence can be carried around for travels. The ingredients are mentioned on the back of the cardboard carton and the shade number is written on the top. The shade number is also mentioned at the bottom of the eye shadow pan. Although the name is mentioned on the website it is nowhere to be seen on the eyeshadow pot or the carton.

Kiko #35 Malachite Green Colour Sphere Eyeshadow 4

Malachite Green basically means a very pretty combination of green and blue. But, this eyeshadow seems a little opposite to its name. It is more of blue with green undertones, but it is still pretty. It has loads of shimmer and sparkle in it. It has shimmery finish. The shimmer particles are clearly visible, but they are real tiny and closely held and hence the sparkling effect is magnified. They are finely milled and not at all gritty or rough.

The texture of this eyeshadow is super soft. It is not at all chalky. Although, it looks chalky if you use your fingers to apply, but does not look so on the eyelids. Since it is a baked one, it is more closely held and you just have to swirl the brush over it. It gives an amazing, silky, smooth, radiant finishing.

Kiko #35 Malachite Green Colour Sphere Eyeshadow 5

The pigmentation is super awesome and just a single swirl gets the maximum color on the lids. The color can be built up to intensify the effect as well. Also, one can apply this eyeshadow with a wet applicator and it darkens the shade and intensifies the sparkle along with increasing the durability in terms of staying power. But, this color tends to make your eyes and the area around it look a bit darker. So, be careful when applying this eyeshadow and remember to use highlighting around these areas, if you decide to intensify it. The staying power is also good, which is about 5-6 hours. An eye primer will increase this to around 7-8 hours. It does not fade away a lot, but yes the sparkling intensity reduces a bit by the end of 5-6 hours.

Kiko #35 Malachite Green Colour Sphere Eyeshadow 6

I did notice some glitter or shimmer fallout in about few hours after the application. I would suggest using a brush to apply these types of eyeshadows and always tap your brush once you swirl it in the eyeshadow, to knock off the excess eyeshadow and glitter.

It does not seem to crease on oily lids, but it does wash off on oily lids much sooner, if an oil absorbent base or primer is not used. It does not seem waterproof, but needs an eye makeup remover to remove all the color and sparkle.

Kiko #35 Malachite Green Colour Sphere Eyeshadow 7

Pros of Kiko #35 Malachite Green Colour Sphere Eyeshadow:

  • Pretty bluish green shade.
  • Silver sparkle.
  • Shimmery, silky and radiant finish.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • Staying power is good.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Does not crease.

Cons of Kiko #35 Malachite Green Colour Sphere Eyeshadow:

  • A little fallout.
  • Not Waterproof.
  • Availability in India.

Would I Recommend Kiko #35 Malachite Green Colour Sphere Eyeshadow?
Yes, for sure.

Would I Repurchase Kiko #35 Malachite Green Colour Sphere Eyeshadow?
I would love try their other shades, as I would not be able to finish this one anytime sooner.

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