Kiko 909 Cherry Red Smart Lipstick Review

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Kiko Smart Lipstick 909 (Cherry Red) review is here for you. I have so many red lipsticks but still, I get attracted to every red lipstick I see. I feel red lipstick can just brighten up the mood and your looks instantly. Red lips never go out of fashion. When am in no mood for eye makeup, I just pop on red lips and am good to go! I feel the red lips are very flattering on Indian skin tone. Kiko Smart Lipstick 909 is cherry red in color. It has the brick red saturated pigment which is lovable in my opinion.

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Kiko Smart Lipstick 909
Rich, nourishing lipstick. Full colour, total comfort.
Dense, nourishing texture with an ultra-silky and immediate smooth-gliding quality. The extreme sensoriality and soft consistency enhance the application experience and the resulting feeling of comfort. Thanks to the large drop-shaped lipstick tip, the colour is easy to apply and immediately adheres to the lips, defining them with precision. The adaptable intensity of the colour allows for a careful control of the finish and an immediately intense, long-lasting coverage.
The combination of cutting-edge ingredients in the formula makes the texture comfortable, velvety and emollient. The extremely radiant polymers guarantee a pure, radiant effect, while the delicate vanilla fragrance makes it pleasant to use.
The design is simple and elegant in terms of colours and shapes. The ergonomic shape of the lid, with an upper hollow, facilitates pack closure.

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3.90€ for 3.5gms approximately 280 INR for 3.5gms

My take on Kiko 909 Cherry Red Smart Lipstick :

The texture is creamy and easy to apply. Just a glide and the velvety lips are ready to flaunt. I usually like to blot after the first application. Then I apply the second coat. This ensures that the lipstick stays longer. I hate it when they get eaten away during meals and look patchy. The first time, I wore it was for a dinner date with my hubby. We went for a buffet and so I ate quite a bit. I was expecting the product to land in my tummy by the end of dinner. But guess what, it was as good as freshly applied. I was really surprised by the staying power. I carried the lipstick in my handbag but never needed a touch up.

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The product doesn’t have a matte finish. Sometimes I do apply the product and then dust some translucent powder in it to achieve matte finish. The lipstick has a hint of sweet vanilla flavor.

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Pros of Kiko 909 Cherry Red Smart Lipstick :

• Shelf life 18 months
• Not expensive
• Doesn’t bleed
• Hypoallergenic = formulated to ensure minimum instance of allergic reactions
• Paraben free
• Staying power is good

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Cons of Kiko 909 Cherry Red Smart Lipstick :

• None

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I have enough of red shades. I would like to try something different.

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