KIKO Cosmetics 100 Cookie Soft Touch Blush Review

When I entered the KIKO cosmetics outlet, I had no idea what to buy. I had gone through the website already and had taken a glance at water eye shadows only. Entering the store was an overwhelming experience. For a minute or two I just made two rounds to check all the products. My husband was waiting outside which hastened my shopping. Finally! It caught my eyes. The blushes looked flawless, small, sleek sitting at a corner. In only a moment I finalized my purchase-one blush and two eye shadows. This was the fastest decision of my life till now.

Price: GBP 7.5 (INR 750 approximately)

KIKO Cosmetics 100 Cookie Soft Touch Blush

• All across Europe and U.K (London)
• Within U.S only in New Jersey and Florida.
• Online availability is restricted to Europe and U.K only.
• Website-

My Experience with KIKO Cosmetics 100 Cookie Soft Touch Blush:

It comes housed in a black secure circular plastic case. On touching the outer covering, it feels like a thin layer of rubber like NARS packaging. This means dirt is going to stick to it if you handle it roughly. The casing is sleek and compact. There is a decent sized mirror provided at the back of the cover. No applicator is given inside the container.

KIKO Cosmetics 100 Cookie Soft Touch Blush

KIKO Cosmetics 100 Cookie Soft Touch Blush

Top cover has ‘KIKO makeup by Milano’ imprinted on it. The amount of product provided is 5gm. Remembering the Tarte blushes, 5.6g for $26, this was a great bargain for me. Even the quality was superb; so no regrets whatsoever. The product is embedded within a black circular casing and at the back, the shade name, weight etc. other details are mentioned. A beautifully embossed ‘KIKO’ is engraved on the actual product.

Texture is very soft, smooth and butter like. Even after having these qualities it is not dry or powder like. There is no spillage on application. Best application method will be by a blush brush. The product transferred on the skin evenly. This particular shade has a satin finish.

KIKO Cosmetics 100 Cookie Soft Touch Blush

It felt light and without any inkiness. The shade blends beautifully to give a nice sheen.

Pigmentation is quite nice. Like the eye shadow, only one swipe brings out the beauty of the shade. This shade is between a bronzer and a blush. A burnt coral color which means it can be used as a bronzer or blush.

KIKO Cosmetics 100 Cookie Soft Touch Blush

In the above photograph it is visible how it transferred on my fingers well on one swatch and then blended smoothly onto my skin. The shade is buildable if more intensity is required.

Staying Power:
When I use it without any base (primer, foundation etc.) it lasts for up to 6hrs on me. I have combination to dry skin. When it starts fading away it goes off gracefully. There is no blotching experienced by me.

KIKO Cosmetics 100 Cookie Soft Touch Blush

It does not stain that much. A very light wash of color is left behind if tried to remove with water. I will suggest oil based makeup remover to make the color disappear. Longevity should not be the issue here. These days a spray or two of setting spray simplifies everything.

Pros of KIKO Cosmetics 100 Cookie Soft Touch Blush:

• Decent staying power.
• Awesome pigmentation.
• Smooth blendability.
• Butter like texture.
• Affordable price.
• Sturdy travel friendly packaging.
• Very pretty shade.

Cons of KIKO Cosmetics 100 Cookie Soft Touch Blush:

• Not available in rest of the world.

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5

Would I Recommend KIKO Cosmetics 100 Cookie Soft Touch Blush?
Yes, I would gladly recommend this shade to everybody. This shade is a very pretty two in one shade for me. If unavailability had not been the issue, I would have given this product 5/5. So if you ever get a chance to grab it, do it without blinking.

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