Kiko Eyes 204 Precision Eye Brush Review



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I have recently been trying to master the winged eyeliner. I wanted a brush that is easy to use with my Catrice Cushion Gel Liner. I picked up this brush from Kiko and today’s review is all about Kiko Eyes 204 Precision Eye Brush.

Kiko Eyes 204 Precision Eye Brush Review

Price: $10
Product Description:
Precision brush specifically for outlining the eye contour. Putting on eyeshadow and applying eyeliner becomes easy even for more defined eye make-up. The thin, slanted tip allows lines to be traced with maximum precision and extreme ease. The synthetic fiber bristles offer flexibility, strength and high performance in the application of different types of textures. The brush has been designed to apply dark or highlighting eye shadows by dabbing at the base of the eyelash. Also ideal for blending pencils and applying liquid or cream eyeliners. Light and durable, the metal cap is made from antioxidized materials. A matte black wood handle lends the brush an elegant and professional look.

My Experience with Kiko Eyes 204 Precision Eye Brush:

Kiko Eyes 204 Precision Eye Brush Review Package Front

The brush, like the other makeup accessories from Kiko, comes in a resealable packet. There is information on the back of the packet. The eye brush is black in color and is pretty long. It comes with a plastic tube around it to protect the bristles. The bottom half is matte black in color and it has the name and the model number. The top half is glossy and the edge pinches to hold the bristles. The bristles are brown in color and well packed.

Kiko Eyes 204 Precision Eye Brush Review Back

The slanted angle brush makes it easy to draw the wing with just one stamp. The thickness of the brush is perfectly made and you can use it to create precise lines. The brush gently glides over the eyes without causing any issues or irritation. The brush picks up the product very well, be it gel liner, liquid or powder ones. I have been using the brush to also create v-shape at the outer corners of my eyes when creating smokey eye look and this way it is easier for me to blend out. The only issue with this brush is that it cannot be used to create very thin lines and most of the times, you will end up having medium to thick ones. I use an eyeliner pen to draw fine lines on the inner corners of my eyes.

Kiko Eyes 204 Precision Eye Brush Review Brush

Kiko Eyes 204 Precision Eye Brush Review Open

The bristles are well packed and there are no chances of fall out. It retains the shape after a wash too. But, of late, I have been washing it every single day as I am using the Cushion Gel Liner and the product hardens on the brush and due to this it has flared out a bit. However, I have trimmed out the few strands that were popping out and the results are still good. So, I would be sticking to using a brush cleaner and wipe instead of washing. The product can be perfect for the combination of cut and crease eye makeup. The product is easy to use but it should have been a little smaller.

Kiko Eyes 204 Precision Eye Brush Review Brush Two

Kiko Eyes 204 Precision Eye Brush Review Bristles

Pros of Kiko Eyes 204 Precision Eye Brush:

• Can be used for gel-, water-, and powder-based liners
• Easy to use
• Can be used to create wing stamps
• No shedding of bristles
• Very soft and doesn’t cause any irritation
• Can be used to create dramatic lines

Cons of Kiko Eyes 204 Precision Eye Brush:

• Cannot be used for thin or fine lines
• Flares up over continuous wash
• Expensive

IMBB Rating:
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