Kiko Glitter Eyeliner #02 Silver Review

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Anything that relates to eye makeup is a must try for me and I am a big hoarder of eyeshadows. I seriously need to take a break from buying more stuff and try to finish what I already have, but greedy me, keeps wanting more. Today’s review will be on Kiko Glitter Eyeliner #02 Silver.

Kiko Glitter Eyeliner

GBP 6.90


Kiko Glitter Eyeliner

Product Details:
Eyeliner gel with glitter with glide-on application for a radiant line. This eyeliner may be used alone or as a top coat over your eyeliner, eye shadow or eye pencil. Available in 2 color varieties: multicolor or silver.

The eyeliner comes in a small chubby transparent bottle which has a velvety cap. The cap forms the application wand which is sleek. The handle is long enough for good hold and has a firm grip. The eyeliner bottle is packed into a cardboard box which has all the details. The ingredients are mentioned on the back of the carton and the number on the top. The name is mentioned on the website but not on the bottle or the carton. It is travel friendly.

Kiko Glitter Eyeliner

My Experience with Kiko Glitter Eyeliner #02 Silver:

“Silver” as the name suggests is a transparent eyeliner with silver shimmer particles in it. When I ordered this eyeliner, I thought it would actually be silver color with shimmer in it. The consistency is not very liquid, but at the same time, it is not very thick either. It is just perfect to be able to draw that desired thin or thick line. Even though this shade is all about glitter particles only, in no way, would you feel any chunkiness or grittiness during application.

Kiko Glitter Eyeliner

Actually this shade does not show up that prominently on our skin. Even after numerous layers, what you can notice is just a slight sparkly effect. The shimmer particles are not very closely held and hence don’t look evenly distributed when applied on the eyelids. The shimmer particles are very minute too. If you layer, they do not crack at all. It takes around a minute or so to dry. When you apply, you see a milky line below all the glitter, which turns transparent once it has completely dried.

Kiko Glitter Eyeliner

It is not completely waterproof or smudge proof, but you will need eye makeup remover to get rid of the shimmer particles completely. The felt tip applicator is thin and sleek and if broader lines are needed, then you will have to draw multiple times. The feel of the eyeliner is very light on the eyelids. The staying power for this liner on its own is for around 4-5 hours, after which it starts to fade away. I did notice that some of the glitter particles move around your face and can be seen around the eye area or on the cheekbones after 3-4 hours of application.

Kiko Glitter Eyeliner

As you can see in the swatch, this one is not visible on the skin and there has to be a different way to use it then. So, I decided to use it on my other matte eyeliners, and it works just fine.

Kiko Glitter Eyeliner

I just have to wait for my matte liner to dry completely and then apply two coats of this glitter liner and Voila!!

Kiko Glitter Eyeliner

Pros of Kiko Glitter Eyeliner #02 Silver:

  • Transparent shimmer eyeliner.
  • Silver glitter particles.
  • Smooth application.
  • Good consistency.
  • No chunkiness or grittiness.
  • Feels light on the eyelids.
  • Good staying power.
  • Good grip.
  • Travel-friendly packaging.

Cons of Kiko Glitter Eyeliner #02 Silver:

  • Does not show up on the skin on its own.
  • Shimmer particles not very closely held and hence looks unevenly distributed.
  • Not completely waterproof and smudge proof.
  • Fallout of glitter particles to some extent.
  • Availability in India.

Would I Recommend Kiko Glitter Eyeliner #02 Silver?

I have mixed feelings as this is not a very WOW kind of a product and is not a must have, but if you want to try this then surely go ahead. I am sure there are better ones available in the Indian markets.

Would I Repurchase Kiko Glitter Eyeliner #02 Silver?
Not really.

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