Kiko Milano #113 Black Cherry Double Touch Lipstick Review

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Today, I am back with a review on a Kiko makeup product. This time, it is on the double touch lipstick, which is a liquid lipstick. Liquid lipsticks are all the rage at the moment and it seems that every single brand in the market seem to be coming out with them! I am personally a great fan of liquid lipsticks because they are so easy to apply and use. To know more about my thoughts on this product, please keep reading!

Kiko Milano #113 Black Cherry Double Touch Lipstick

Product Description:
Liquid lipstick duo with shining effect. Lasts up to 10 hours*. An extraordinary combination of colour base and lipgloss with an intense, luminous finish. The colour adheres to the lips and stays on for hours. Colour base: its formula, enriched with a combination of film-forming polymers, ensures maximum comfort, exceptional adherence to the lips and an even, ultra long-lasting colour. Its soft, flocked applicator follows the contour of the lips and outlines them with maximum precision. Special no-transfer texture that is smudge-proof and dries very quickly.
Lipgloss: a soothing-action formula to give the lips a luminous and shiny finish. Its bristle applicator makes it easy to apply and ensures the use of just the right amount of product.

My Experience with Kiko Milano #113 Black Cherry Double Touch Lipstick:

The double touch lipstick comes in a double-ended tube, with one side containing the liquid lipstick and the other side containing a gloss. I like the idea of this packaging, it is pretty unique and it means that you can experiment with a matte lip or a glossy one. The gloss is clear and quite thick and comes with a brush applicator, whilst the liquid lipstick comes with a doe-foot applicator. That being said, it does mean that there is a smaller quantity of liquid lipstick compared to other products on the market.

Kiko Milano #113 Black Cherry Double Touch Lipstick gloss

I often prefer to have matte lips though, so I don’t use the gloss often. The shade of this liquid lipstick is a deep warm toned red, almost maroon, and I think it will look beautiful, especially on darker skin tones. There are fifteen shades in total in this range, which include a mixture of pinks and reds. Not all lipsticks are matte, there are also a few shimmery shades in this range.

Kiko Milano #113 Black Cherry Double Touch Lipstick wand

The texture of the lipstick isn’t as creamy as say, the NYX Matte lip creams, it is a little more liquid in formula but it still applies easily onto the lips. Since the formula is a little more fluid, it does mean that there is a greater chance of it getting onto your teeth, so make sure to let the product dry fully. This liquid lipstick dries quickly, which is great. I have found that one application of this product isn’t enough for an opaque matte finish, it applies on a little patchy in places and so I think that 2-3 coats of this lipstick is essential for a matte finish. I also like to line my lips underneath and I find that this helps the lipstick last on longer. As for the smell, it reminds me of a vanilla cupcake, which I am definitely happy with!

Kiko Milano #113 Black Cherry Double Touch Lipstick swatch on hands

The product claims to be a 10-hour lipstick and I’ve actually had this lipstick on for near that time; I found that it does stay in place for a long duration and most of it did remain on my lips, although there was a fade of colour. Unless you don’t eat, drink or talk for 10 hours than I don’t think this lipstick will remain looking the exact same for such a long period!

Kiko Milano #113 Black Cherry Double Touch Lipstick lip swatch

As for the price, here in the UK it is £6.90, so it lies within the typical drugstore price range, making it pretty affordable.

Pros of Kiko Milano #113 Black Cherry Double Touch Lipstick:

  • Applies onto the lips easily.
  • Dries quickly.
  • Affordable.
  • Lasts on the lips for a long time.
  • Pleasant scent.

Cons of Kiko Milano #113 Black Cherry Double Touch Lipstick:

  • Need to apply more than one coat for an opaque finish.
  • Smaller quantity of liquid lipstick.

Would I Repurchase Kiko Milano #113 Black Cherry Double Touch Lipstick?

IMBB Rating:
I was really impressed with this liquid lipstick and I can’t wait to try some other shades from this range. Do give this a try if you can, I’m sure you won’t be left disappointed! Hope you enjoyed my review, I’ll be back soon with another one!

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