Kiko Milano #19 Matte Yellow High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow Review

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Skin Type:  Combination, sensitive and acne-prone

Hello ladies,

Here comes the review on the shade “19 Matte Yellow” from Kiko Milano High Pigment Wet and Dry Eye shadow. Read on further for more details.


Product Description:
Highly pigmented eyeshadow for wet and dry use. The intense, buildable colour is revealed instantly. Proven staying power of up to eight hours.*  The special process used for mixing the colours creates a creamy, even texture that immediately adheres to the eyelid. Pleasantly silky to the touch, it feels wonderful. The enriched formula containing vitamin E, cottonseed oil and chamomile extracts brushes on the eyelids with delicate softness. The eyeshadow, distinctive and unique thanks to the KK monogram, comes in a modern, practical compact with a magnetic closure. The eyeshadow’s exclusive packaging also allows it to be used in a removable system. You can remove an eyeshadow from its compact and insert it into the new Shade Selection 03 palette. Magnets hold the eyeshadows in place. The palettes are stackable and sold separately.  Available in four different finishes: matte, pearl, satin and metallic. Ophthalmologically tested.  Paraben free.
Price and Quantity:
690 INR for 2 gm.



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My Experience with Kiko Milano #19 Matte Yellow High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow:

Beginning the review with the packaging of the product. Frankly saying, I just love the packaging. This is a mono eyeshadow that comes in a small plastic pan. The eyeshadow pan comes housed in a matte black colored cardboard box with a cutout on its top that helps to see the shade from outside. The back of the box has the ingredients and other details mentioned on it. Inside this box, there comes a flexible plastic base that houses the eyeshadow pan. I love the small eyeshadow pan. The pan is square shaped and has a lovely glossy finish.



The base of the pan has sticker on it mentioning the shade number, etc. The cap of the pan is black in color and clear in the middle. The brand’s logo is embossed on the clear part of the lid. The lid has an amazing magnetic lock that makes this pan great for travel purposes. The small pan is fit for carrying around and occupies very little space in makeup pouch. This eyeshadow pan has a hole in its back where a needle can be inserted to take out the eyeshadow pan and customize it with other mono eyeshadows to form a palette. There’s no applicator provided, but that’s not an issue for me as I usually do not prefer using those tiny applicators that come along with these type of mono eyeshadows.


The brand has not mentioned the shade names on the packaging or the pan. They only have the shade numbers mentioned on it. So, I had to check their website for the shade name and discovered that this gorgeous shade no. #19 is called “matte yellow.” It truly signifies its name. This shade is a perfect bright yellow shade. This range from Kiko has four types of variants – matte, pearl, satin and metallic.


This eyeshadow is a perfect matte variant as the name suggests. It has absolutely zero sheen or shimmer. It was actually love at first sight with this eyeshadow. I do not know if I could make much use of this one, but I quite like the shade. This is actually a true yellow eye shadow and that too with a matte finish. I was searching for something like this for so long. The shade is very pretty, but I prefer applying it over a white base so that the color pops up nicely. This is good in terms of pigmentation, one swipe delivers light color. So, it requires layering to show the actual color. The color looks intense when it is used wet, but if you want a softer look, using it dry is a better option. The only issue that I face with this mono eyeshadow is that the color gets dull upon blending, so I need to apply a little extra to make it look bright and fresh.


The texture of this eyeshadow is super smooth and silky. It blends like a dream. It glides effortlessly on the delicate eyelids without causing any tugging or pulling. It feels so creamy smooth upon applying. I absolutely love the texture of this eye shadow. I love how it feels while applying it on the eyes. This variant is slightly powdery and causes fallout. The fallout is more than the other matte coral variant that I have. The color is also a little difficult to build as it becomes dull after blending. The color is easy to blend and does not require much effort. The eyeshadow does not have the tendency to crease.


The staying power of this shade is lightly disappointing. The color lasts on my lids for 5-6 hours only and the color loses its intensity in the mean time.


This eyeshadow is not waterproof and comes off even with a splash of water. It is very easy to remove with an eye makeup remover.



Pros of Kiko Milano #19 Matte Yellow High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow:

  • Smart packaging.
  • Pretty shade.
  • Matte finish.
  • No shimmer.
  • Smooth texture.
  • Silky.
  • Easy to blend.
  • Glides effortlessly.
  • Good pigmentation.
  • Non-chalky formula.
  • No major fallout issue.
  • Lasts pretty long.

Cons of Kiko Milano #19 Matte Yellow High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow:

  • No applicator.
  • The color is a little difficult to build as it gets dull upon blending.
  • Has a bit of a fallout.

IMBB Rating:
Would I Repurchase/Recommend Kiko Milano #19 Matte Yellow High Pigment Wet and Dry Eyeshadow?
Yes, if you want to add a little drama to your eye looks do try such brighter shades. I am totally enjoying using these colored eye shadows and eyeliners these days 😛

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