KIKO Milano Urban Sheen Lipgloss – 03 Glamour Magnolia Review

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Personally, I am not a very big fan of lip glosses and always prefer lipsticks over them. I just don’t like the sticky feeling on my lips. But, these lipglosses from KIKO Milano looked a little different so, I thought of giving them a try. Read on to know about the lipgloss in the shade Glamour Magnolia.


Price: GBP 1.40
Product Description:
Lip gloss pencil with a wet look, intense colour and extra-shiny finish.
The lip gloss’ formula creates an optical effect that makes your velvety smooth lips look even fuller while moisturising and concealing fine lines. A thin layer of bright colour in a soft creamy pencil that envelops the lips and feels sensational.
The texture permits varying degrees of coverage and ensures staying power. The tip can be sharpened for an effortless, accurate application. The pencil’s small size allows you to take it with you everywhere.
• Water resistant.
• Dermatologically tested.
• Paraben free.




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My Experience with KIKO Milano Urban Sheen Lipgloss – 03 Glamour Magnolia:


The lip gloss comes in a small chubby stunted pencil form. The shade number is mentioned on the pencil. The pencil comes in a red and white cardboard box with the number and name of the shade written on the top and ingredients written on the sides. The pencil is small and cute and can be easily carried around. The cap shuts tightly making an audible click sound and hence, it is travel-friendly. The lipgloss pencil is a sharpenable one.


Glamour Magnolia, when seen on the website, looks like a pretty pink colour with red undertones. Also, it looks quite opaque. But, when applied it is nothing more than a simple pink shade. There are no shimmers in it. It is meant to be a lipgloss but, I didn’t find it that shiny or bright. It looked like few other lipsticks that I have from this brand. It is not completely matte either.


Texture and Pigmentation:
The texture of this shade is smooth but, not very creamy. It does tug or pull a little on the lips and I had to use a little lip balm before application, for it to glide on the lips with ease. The pigmentation is not that great and I had to swipe on multiple times to get the desired colour on the lips. Multiple layering does not feel heavy or patchy on the lips. Also, it is sheer and will not give full coverage to pigmented lips. If the lips are unexfoliated or dry then, this shade will look patchy and uneven and will highlight them. The finishing of this lipgloss is no way similar to the actual lipgloss. It is neither matte nor too shiny. I would say it has shiny finishing but not as like a lip gloss.


Lasting Power:
The lipgloss lasts for around 3-4 hours. It does survive light munching to some extent but will not survive full meals. Also, when it fades the shininess goes away first and the colour fades to a pinkish tint. It also transfers a bit to the cutlery. They claim it to be a waterproof lip gloss. But if rubbed hard with enough water, it fades away. This lip gloss has no taste or fragrance.


Pros of KIKO Milano Urban Sheen Lipgloss – 03 Glamour Magnolia:

  • A simple everyday wearable pink shade.
  • Smooth texture.
  • No shimmers.
  • Semi-glossy finish.
  • Very light on lips.
  • Travel-friendly.

Cons of KIKO Milano Urban Sheen Lipgloss – 03 Glamour Magnolia:

  • Does tug a little on the lips.
  • Not well pigmented.
  • Highlights dry patches on the lips.
  • Will not provide good coverage.
  • Staying power could have been better.
  • Not completely waterproof.

IMBB Rating: 3.5/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase KIKO Milano Urban Sheen Lipgloss – 03 Glamour Magnolia?
No to both.

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    1. Thank you Rati ?..actually the packing was one that tempted me to buy them..they r cute..the other shade in this ‘chic geranium’ is still a better one though

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