Kiko Water Eyeshadow #203 Review

Kiko is an Italian makeup company. Every makeup fanatic, all over world, has her eyes on the products from this company, but the major problem is availability. It sells its products online and in stores within Europe and UK. Only US has two stores in New Jersey and Miami apart from Europe. I had a chance to visit the store in Piccadilly Circus, London. I was instantly mesmerized as I entered the store and had a very difficult time to choose what to buy. In my haul, I bought one soft touch blush and two water eye shadow shades. I have reviewed one eye shadow in indigo 225 and soft touch blush in cookie 100. Here I am reviewing water eye shadow shade in 203, Burgundy.

Kiko Water Eyeshadow #203

These eye shadows have very strong plastic sturdy packaging. The eye shadow is enclosed in black matte plastic box. The lid has “Kiko” Makeup by Milano printed on it. At the back, there is silver sticker with weight, shade name etc., other details mentioned on it. The lid closes very securely making it impossible for the product to be harmed in any way during travelling. The packaging resembles NARS a lot except that NARS has rubberized outer covering and this has matte plastic. The weight of the product is 3 gm., which I think is great for the price.  The lid back has a good size mirror for a single eye shadow. The product looks very beautiful. It has a 3-D wave like design with lines in the same shape. The all over packaging is comparable to many luxurious brands.

Kiko Water Eyeshadow #203

GBP 5 ( Approximately INR 540).

Availability:  All across Europe and UK (London). Within US New Jersey and Florida have their stores.
You can get them online if you live in Europe and U.K.

Kiko Water Eyeshadow #203

Texture: The texture of these shadows can give some of the higher end brands a competition. It is ultra smooth and silky, very finely milled shimmer. In the photograph, one or two glitter particles are visible, but I did not find them on my eyes while applying. The texture is not at all drying. No spillage on dipping the brush in the product. The product on being touched appears hard, but it does not mean that color did not transfer evenly on finger or wrist when swatched. The design and lines do not yield to pressure unless and until you taking a wet swatch of course. These eye shadows can be used wet as well as dry. Best way of application can be using an eye shadow brush because if fingers are used, a lot of pigment is transferred on to the finger. It stains and sets as well, so blending has to be done fast, but it blends very easily.

Kiko Water Eyeshadow #203

Pigmentation:  These shadows are superbly pigmented. This particular shade is shimmer finish.  Burgundy and flatters Indian brown eye color. It’s a perfect bride eye shadow shade. When wet, it gives a metallic finish. It delivers all its color in one swatch easily and stains as well. If you need to build up, you can use these wet. Only one wet swatch delivers so much color that you would probably do not need more. The color appears to be different in daylight and direct light. In one photograph, you will find a dark rose gold shade and in one you will find a burgundy shade. Still a pretty color!!

Kiko Water Eyeshadow #203

Staying Power:  The staying power is also no less than its previous qualities. It can stay up to 7-8 hours on my oily lids, in this hot and humid weather without a primer!! I used it with primer and it stayed for up to 12 hours straight, but gradually, it starts to fade. Unfortunately, I did not apply makeup-setting spray that day. I was testing many products at once, on my face at a wedding reception. Can you imagine the risk I took!! 😀

Pros of Kiko Water Eyeshadow #203:

  • Strong and sturdy packaging.
  • Smooth texture.
  • No spillage.
  • Even application.
  • Superb pigmentation.
  • Affordable.
  • Very pretty shade.

Cons of Kiko Water Eyeshadow #203:

  • Availability.

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend Kiko Water Eyeshadow #203?
Oh yes, definitely go ahead and buy it. No second thoughts please. 😉 I gave 4.9 because of availability, which is a big issue for everyone. These eye shadows are by the way dupes of NARS dual intensity shadows, which I mentioned in my other review 🙂

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