Kim Blazers Blaze

Blazers are super versatile piece of clothing that can be worn casually or dressed up for any event without much exertion. Blazers can come in a wide variety of styles, cuts, colours, and patterns. A well styled blazer will give you a polished, sharp, classy and sophisticated look and an ill fitted one can do the complete opposite.

Many times I have noticed women wearing blazers which, gives them a very manly and worn out look. Mentioned below are few tips that will help you choose the right blazer and wear it with much ease.

Tips to style a blazer:

• To start off buy a blazer in colours like black or dark navy as these colours complement most of the colours and so are easy to pair with.

• Next comes the style and fit you should go for. Keep in mind a basic rule before trying on a blazer, the bigger your bust the fewer buttons you should choose. Also, a blazer should not be too slouchy or body hugging. It should fit well. stay away from padded shoulders in a blazer if you already have broad shoulders.

• As long as you have a selected a right piece for yourself you can pair it with almost everything. A blazer can be used to dress up a jeans, leggings, shorts dresses etc.

• For shoes go for pumps, boots, flats or high heels. Keep in mind the look you are going for and then choose your shoes accordingly.

• Wear trendy jewellery pieces to add fun to your outfit. Long pearl, beaded or pendant necklace look good with it.

Apart from these tips just have a look at this celebrity who sports this style with élan. Kim Kardashian manages to nail the blazer look perfectly every time she sports this trend. She can have bad dressing days but with blazers she is never wrong. Take a look and do let us know which ones did you like and dislike the most.

Give a new defination to your leggings.

Effortless dressing.

One blazer, three ways to wear.

In this picture Kim shows how to pair your blazer with your dress.

Play with colours to give an all new look to your plain boring outfits.

Here she shows how to amp up you basic outfit with a simple cut blazer.

Here she sports a classy formal look.

So what are you waiting for just use your fashion sense to mix and match clothing to make one perfect dress for a casual or formal occasion.

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11 thoughts on “Kim Blazers Blaze

  1. sooprb Era…lvly writeup and ys KK rocks wtever blazer or makeup or bags or shoes or hairstyle…:D… she hz soopr sense of style…pretty groomed tis gurl is :)…keep gud wrk circulating sweety

  2. great article era… i soo love kim k”s sense of style.. loving the way she has styled the coloured blazers.. she is looking soo hawwttt in them!! even liking the grey blazer with the scarf and the white one with the leggings.. ::drool::

  3. The denim, black cami and checked balzer look is to die for! I guess blazers bring out her body shape perfectly and she totaly rocks them! Not able to pick one dislike look from these! All likes!

  4. omg! i wish i cud get my hands on each of those! i dress to office pretty much everyday wit trousers , a plain blouse/shirt n a cardigan over it…hav been collectin cardigans but i shud start wearin blazers too! this was superb!! thanks for givin so many ideas 🙂

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