Kim Kardashian at Cannes 2012

Kim Kardashian at Cannes 2012

Kim Kardarshian was seen at this year’s Cannes Festival along with Kanye West who is showcasing his film “Cruel Summer” at this year’s festival.  Kim looked ravishing in a yellow thigh high split gown and red lips for the amFAR night.

Kim Kardashian at Cannes 2012

She was clicked attending Sean Combs Yacht Party in this black number, I didn’t like it too much.

Kim Kardashian - Cannes 2012

Kim Kardashian - Cannes 2012

She appeared in a Balmian dress at the premiere of her boyfriend Kanye West’s short film “Cruel Summer.”

Kim Kardashian

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18 thoughts on “Kim Kardashian at Cannes 2012

      1. sowwieee! i know i’ve been MIA i have exams on :(( 4th & final sememster….4 more exams to go & i’ll b freeeeeeeeeeeeee, n then m sure i wont giv u any more reasons for spankin :DD

    1. Kim’s make-up artist is Mario Dedivanovic. He also has a YouTube channel (MarioDedivanovic) where he shows how he generally does her make-up on Kim herself. Check it out, if you get the time :)….he is awesome!!

      1. yup i’ve seen his videos 😀 being a YT n makeup fanatic myself i had to check it out! i saw him i guess first time on keepin up with kardashians or some show where he was doin her makeup…n Wayne Goss (YT – GossMakeupArtist) also mentions him n his techniques on kim k a lot. i think weneva gud makeup is mentioned Dedivanovic is always mentioned too.
        I just want to meet him n have him do my makeup! that wud be a makeup-dream come true! 😀 coz i wud find it near impossible to evn think of replicatin his techniques..esp his highlightin n contourin th skin! he is a genuine genius in that department!

  1. I think Angelina Jolie’s right leg made an appearance in that first photo .. even the hair is Jolie-esque! Kim’s make-up is always flawless, and she makes the clothes rather than the clothes making her. Definitely stylish!

  2. kim looks like she s doin the jolie..she shud have stayed her own!*smug* I dint really like the look so much!besides her make up is always perfect so we want to see something diffeent than her regular perfect!

  3. high -thigh split so much in vogue . .but absolutely no one can match THE right leg . . she looks gorgeous alright…
    Is it just me, or anyone else thinks that the blouse (read b**) of the 2nd pic is hideously misfit !!

  4. The first outfit is…better than her usual choices. She looks like she’s about to burst out of the second Balmain* (typo :P) dress any minute cuz it’s so tight :/ ill-fitting. The last one is just hideous.

  5. Its amazing how she makes expensive designer clothes look trashy almost 99% of the time!!!
    Dats some skill…..that Black dress is by Emilio Pucci and Gywneth Paltrow has worn it sometime back…just see the diiference…and I’m not saying the difference because of the body shape…its the styling and her love for size small for her…
    Having said that…she looks gorgeous without any makeup and looks best in her gym clothes.

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