Kim Kardashian Shimmer Body Lotion Review

Today’s review might appeal to girls who are wearing “chania choli” for the “dandia” nights. In the matters of skin, there has to be glow, and shimmer lotions can be very helpful in giving you a shimmery effect under the party lights. I got this as a gift from Australia, read on for more details about this shimmer lotion.


Product Description:



My Experience with Kim Kardashian Shimmer Body Lotion:

This lotion comes in a regular tube like packaging, similar to so many other perfumed lotions you get out there. This is a flip-open one and the lotion is white, but the shimmer in it is very silver. I would say the shimmer is very very fine but the size of the shimmer is different. Is it even possible to notice? Yes, under light, I find some shimmers to be slightly bigger. They really dazzle on the skin under the light but are not at all visible from an arm’s distance too. You have to really look up from close distance to notice them but they do dazzle so beautifully. Purpose solved!


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The scent is very Kim K perfume/EDT one, it’s slightly on the musk/soapy side. I am not a fan, honestly, but the scent is not overpowering.


This lotion is quite light and non-greasy, and absorbs well. There is no oil film left behind but lots of shimmer for the night. I would say if you love wearing dresses for parties or sarees with deep-necks, you could go for this shimmer lotion. You can also use it for the legs when you are wearing a bodycon dress for example. A nice lotion to own in your party makeup kit.



Pros of Kim Kardashian Shimmer Body Lotion:

  • Cute, simple tube form.
  • Silver shimmer dazzles.
  • Soft fragrance.
  • Non-oily texture.
  • Absorbs well.

Cons of Kim Kardashian Shimmer Body Lotion:

  • The shimmer shines a lot when you look from up close, under the lights.
  • I am not a fan of the fragrance.
  • You might accidentally transfer the shimmer to your face via hands, there is a lot of shimmer!

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Kim Kardashian Shimmer Body Lotion?
Having pointed out the issues, still you could own it if you are a party-hopper!
IMBB Rating:

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