Kiss Ever EZ False Lashes Review

Kiss Ever EZ False Lashes Review

Lashes are the perfect way to enhance one’s look. I don’t know about you girls, but I always feel super fab when I have lashes on. Though, I don’t wear lashes often, but occasionally when I feel a little bored of my everyday look and want to add a little more spark, I put on these KISS Ever EZ Lashes!

kiss false lashes

Product Description:

Kiss Lashes are made with premium quality, natural hair. Lightweight and reusable, you will want to add this to your everyday beauty routine. The enclosed applicator makes them so easy to put on and this convenient double-pack is added value for the Lashionista! Use with Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive for best results; contact lens friendly.

Kiss utilizes the same quality natural hair as premium priced department store brands.

  • Contact lens friendly.
  • Best if used with Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive.
  • Lightweight, natural, and reusable.
  • Free applicator for quick, easy lash application.

kiss false lashes


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How To Apply:

1. Check fit of lash to your natural lash line. Trim if needed.

2. Apply Kiss Lash Adhesive to lash line. Wait 30 seconds for adhesive to become clear and tacky before applying.
3. Use the applicator to apply lashes along natural lash line. Hold, allowing adhesive to dry completely.

kiss false lashes

My Experience with Kiss Ever EZ False Lashes:

The Kiss Ever EZ lashes comes in a pack of two pairs which is highly convenient. A single pair of lashes from Kiss costs about $4 and these two pairs cost $6 which is a good deal if you are a constant false lashes user. It comes in a plastic container which can be reused for storing lashes. It also contains a pink colored applicator which comes free with the lashes. It is in the shape of tweezers, but in a plastic form. Unfortunately, I lost mine the day I first used it. It wasn’t any good anyway, it was very flimsy and very small, so it was hard to hold on to it. I ended up using my own tweezers and I have no idea where the applicator disappeared off.

kiss false lashes

The lashes claim to be on the “natural” side which made me want to try them out right away. Since I have naturally normal to long lashes, when these mixed with my lashes, it was far from natural. False lashes are there to add a bit of drama to your eyes, so I cannot complain if they do not look natural enough. It made my eyelashes look super thick with a decent amount of volume, but nothing over the top which was just what I wanted.

kiss false lashes

The lashes are very soft and look a lot like real hair lashes. I am not sure if they are made out of real human hair, it just claims to be made out of natural hair (whatever that means). A lot of other lashes I have tried have that fake plastic look to them but I can guarantee that this has nothing of that sort. The eyelash band is also very thin and natural looking, it blends into my lids very easily without any problem.

kiss false lashes

Usually lashes fit my eyes perfectly, I never have had to trim them, but these particular pair were a bit too long for my lids, so I had to cut off a little from the ends. Aside from that, I had no other problem with applying these, I used my own eyelash adhesive (not the one they recommend) and they applied just fine. As far as sticking power, I honestly think it depends on the glue you use. For me, these lashes stay on and never peel from the edges, so I cannot really judge the lashes for staying power.  I think it is my eyelash glue that does all the work. One issue I have with these lashes is that while removing, I always lose a few hair.  It gets really hard to clean the glue off after use because they are so sensitive that even if I tug a little, I will get at least a few hair falling out. I have to be extra gentle with them.

kiss false lashes

kiss false lashes

I also wear contact lenses and these are suitable for lens wearers, so this is a major plus point for me because lashes tend to get very very irritating for my eyes. With these lashes, I never had a problem. They are lightweight so they don’t irritate me at all, they are super comfortable.  These lashes last me for about 4 to 5 uses each pair, if I am extra careful.

Overall, for the price, I think this is an excellent product and is a must try.

Pros of Kiss Ever EZ False Lashes:

  • Comfortable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Makes lashes voluminous.
  • Not too dramatic, gives just perfect look.
  • Suitable for contact lens users.
  • Lasts a long time, can get many uses out of it.
  • Thin lash band, gives a natural look.

Cons of Kiss Ever EZ False Lashes:

  • Too long to be “natural” looking (as they claim).
  • Super sensitive, hair falls off.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Recommend Kiss Ever EZ False Lashes?

Yes, I definitely recommend this. For this price, these lashes are a huge bargain.

Would I Repurchase Kiss Ever EZ False Lashes?

Yes, I have been repurchasing this after I received it in my Ipsy bag.

Thanks for reading all!

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