Kiss French Manicure Kit Review

Kiss French Manicure Kit Review

Hello Sweeties,

I love my nails a lot! Whether I take care of my skin or not, nails are always given proper care by me. My review for today is a French manicure kit from the brand Kiss. This is a very famous brand especially for nail stuff. Earlier when I used to do French manicure, I used to just have a base coat and my white nail paint, but this helped me to get a perfect French manicure. Let’s see how it made my life even more easy.




Quick view on Kiss French manicure kit:

Bioactive Complex Polish Formula strengthens nails over time. Non-yellowing top coat prevents color from changing:

  • 120 custom fit tip guides included.
  • Salon results.
  • Two easy steps.

Kiss French Manicure Kit 2


  • Nail enamel 0.45 oz
  • French tip nail enamel 0.25 oz
  • Top coat 0.25 oz
  • Tip guides

My Take on Kiss French Manicure Kit:

Earlier, when I used to do French manicure, it used to be very time-consuming, but after I got this kit, everything became very easy.  I apply the base coat on my nails first.  The base coat is a very nice one and will dry up within 2 minutes. It is super easy to apply and gives a nice finished shine to the nails and also it left a great scent on my nails which lasted till the time the nail paint base coat was there.  Then, came the most important thing. The nail tip guides. The kit has a packet of tip guides. It looks like a small curvy and straight sticker that I stuck at the finishing line of the white top most portion of the nails. I was not confused as how to use it because they had given the instructions.

Kiss French Manicure Kit 3

It stuck on properly and gave a perfect start and guidance for French manicure. Then, I used the bio strength French tip nail enamel which is simply termed as the white nail polish. I applied the white nail paint above the tip guide. It is a little thin, 2-3 coats of white vernis will be needed to create a complete opaque and finished look. I let the white nail paint dry for about 5 minutes and slowly remove the tip guide and see to it that you let it dry and don’t remove it in a hurry or else the nail paint may also come out with the tip guide.

Kiss French Manicure Kit 4

Then, its the time for bio strength sheer pink nail enamel. I did not like this one from the kit because it is not smooth at all. It gives a very broken finish to the entire French manicure, so I skip this step. Because rather than improving the look, it ends up ruining it. So, instead of that, I again apply the base coat to give a proper finishing and also to harden my nails, so that it does not chip easily.

Kiss French Manicure Kit 5

I got some cute floral stickers also with it which looks very elegant on party dresses. Overall, I am in love with this particular kit because it totally helps me to achieve the best French manicure look and time is not wasted plus it hardens up my nails and prevents it from chipping.

Kiss French Manicure Kit 6

Pros of Kiss French Manicure Kit:

  • Good stuff for the price.
  • A perfect manicure set which includes each and every thing for the perfect manicure.
  • The contents tend to keep the nails hard so that they don’t break easily.
  • The nail paints are smooth enough to spread easily.
  • It contains tip guides which are the white stickers to get a perfect line in the manicure.
  • Got floral stickers for free.
  • Will last for a long time.

Cons of Kiss French Manicure Kit:

  • Fan or air conditioner has to be switched off or else the nail paint dries up really fast and the whole bottle will be a waste then.
  • Sheer pink nail paint was useless because it did not give a smooth finish, it gave a broken look.
  • The white nail paint will take time to dry as you have to apply 2-3 coats to get a complete opaque look.
  • Limited availability in India.

Will I Repurchase/Do I Recommend Kiss French Manicure Kit?

Yes, I totally recommend.  As French manicure is a look that goes along with all outfits and looks elegant as well. I want to have one more kit, but then it is not available in India, so the chances are less, but I am good at finding stuff, so I will find out something like this for me.

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  2. I have the one from revlon but could not never do clean french manicure….u r sich a pro at doing such stuff….home facials, home rebonding, home coloring……and dat too wt ur studies *clap* and wake-up time at 5am… *toothpaste* *toothpaste*

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