Kiss Stick On Nails Review

Kiss Stick On Nails Review

Hey Loves,

I know some of you are upset because I just disappeared and made no effort whatsoever to be in touch and I sincerely apologize and I have missed IMBB a lot, the beautiful Rati, the hilarious Jolmol, our lipstick queen Neha, and every writer on IMBB so much that I couldn’t help but to be back asap. We all face such times when we don’t want to bother ourselves and for that matter anyone else around. I just had I , me and myself kind of time in the past few months, of course family and a few of my close friends were around too, but apart from that, wasn’t socializing much. Well, let’s not make this post boring as I am very happy and excited to be back and today I am reviewing a nail kit.  “Kiss” brand is famous in most of the countries for its beauty products, but in India, we don’t have much products of this brand.


One day, a lady that comes in my yoga classes asked for the nail paint that I was wearing and the next day I gave that shade to her. After a week or so, she returned that shade and gave me a pack of these artificial nails. I was overjoyed and thanked her for such a pleasant and apt gift and told her that I had never seen her wearing these and she replied that she has 2 kids and that too boys who keep running around and she doesn’t want to scratch the boys or for that matter herself. She was also very scared of this concept and said what if these nails damage her natural nails, the moment she said this, I started laughing. She also told me that she has a cousin in the US and that cousin came down to Delhi to attend a wedding and got these. Well, usually, I am very relaxed after my yoga class, but that day, I was euphoric as if I have been waiting for this kit all my life.

Product Details:

  • Easy to apply, easy to remove, safe on natural nails. No glue needed. Wear for up to 3 days or just a night.
  • Wear for a day or up to 3 days.  Glue is already applied.  A perfect manicure in minutes – easy on, easy off.  Fast, safe and simple.
  • 24 nails in 10 sizes – double on popular sizes.

Kiss Stick On Nails  2


rati beauty ad

$4.99 for 24 nails.

My Experience with Kiss Stick On Nails:

I didn’t wear it that very day but kept playing with these and read the instructions mentioned on the pack and then I forgot about these until recently it was a friend’s birthday party and I applied these around evening. It took me just 6-8 minutes to apply and voila! The best part is that no one in the party got to know I was wearing fake nails. They just thought it’s a French manicure, isn’t that wonderful?? My nails rocked in that party, so did I, but yeah it was great fun. Sadly, I have only 12 left now and I am saving them for Diwali 🙂 Well, if anyone knows where I can get these from, do comment below.

Kiss Stick On Nails  3

This kit is super simple and the nails can easily stay for 3 days and even more.  I did make that mistake last time by not soaking my hands in hot water for 15 minutes and that is why it became difficult to take them off, but next time will surely follow the procedure.  I have nothing bad to say about this kit and I feel sad that we don’t get Kiss stuff here in India.

Kiss Stick On Nails  4

Pros of Kiss Stick On Nails:

  • Easy to apply.
  • Stays on for at least 3 days.
  • Fake nails that look natural.
  • Affordable.
  • Perfect French manicure.
  • Comes in various sizes.
  • Travel friendly.
  • Can be easily filed and given shape as per preference.

Kiss Stick On Nails

Cons of Kiss Stick On Nails:

  • No cons.

Final Verdict:

I will definitely recommend this nail kit to everyone. It a must try for sure and I totally loved the experience of rocking these pretty nails.

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27 thoughts on “Kiss Stick On Nails Review

  1. Woooow Nidhi *woot* *woot* *woot* this does not look artificial at all *happy dance* *happy dance* as you said looks very natural *pompom* *pompom* i have a french manicure kit from kiss *happy dance* my hg french mani kit… just love it *happy dance* *happy dance*

  2. Hey Nidhi good to see you back! What coincidence, I just sent in my article after a long long time today 😀
    I love those nails and the review is great as always 😀

    1. Hey RB howz u … glad that u see ur comment … good to know ur back … we all hav so much fun here …yup its a lovely kit thank you babz.. 🙂

  3. awww nidhi, so good to see your review. welcome back. We missed you *puchhi* *puchhi* I just want to know that doesn’t it damage your nails? I mean the glue would be there throughout on the original nail right? I mean if it doesn’t it is pretty much a blessing. I can never do a good french mani *headbang* *headbang*

    1. Ratiiiiiii *puchhi* …. i am so glad to be back …i have missed u all tooo *haan ji* …. hope everything is good at ur end … U must try this kit …. if v soak our nails in hot water for 15 mins before removing …this will not damage our natural nails… yup i agree its a blessing in this fast paced life… i am sure u will b able to do French mani beautifuly cuz u r a very creative gurl..only lil practice is required.. u have to ..have to ..have to try this kit *hifive* *nails* tc sweets

  4. Hey nidhi.. *happydance* how are you sweety.. *puchhi* ur nails look so cute dear.. *woot*
    am nt fond of artificial nails bt might give it a try after ur tempting review.. *haan ji*

    1. HELLOZ Neetu …. i am guud .. thank you so much sweety *puchhi* …. u must try these.. u will get these easily there .. *happy dance* thanks

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