How to Get Kissable Lips

Hi gals, we all desire full beautiful lips but generally forget to take care of them. I would share some tips that will help you make your lips much more kissable. These are very easy and you can easily inculcate them your daily beauty regime.

lip scrub

1. First and foremost is preparation-the skin on the lips is very thin and does not contain natural oil gland, that’s the reason they tend to dry. Take a warm soft cloth and press it against your lips for full one minute to lock in the moisture.

2. Then the next step is exfoliation- the most kissable lips are smooth and not dry or chapped. You can use sugar scrub (mix some Vaseline and sugar) that will not only soften them but also clean them and leave a lingering sweetness behind. You have to rub the scrub very gently in circular motion for a minute. Excessive rubbing can damage your lips. You can use tooth brush also to scrub your lips. Just put a little Vaseline on the brush and rub it gently. After exfoliation your lips will much smoother and softer.

3. Now the next step is to lock in the moisture. Now you have to apply generous amount of lip balm. It should have SPF if you are exfoliating during the day.

Tips To Keep your Lips Supple and Soft:
• Follow the above routine daily
• Avoid licking your lips-this will make them feel better for a while but ultimately this causes chapping
• Stop the habit of biting or pinching your lips when you feel anxious, this will damage your natural lips.
• Drink lots of water- dry cracked lips are a major sign of dehydration
• Don’t wear too much of matte lipsticks, these tend to dehydrate your lips. Showing your natural lips is attractive too.
• Use lip balm with SPF in the day time
• While applying a lip color of your choice you can dab in clear lip gloss in the middle of the top lip to give you seductive smile
• You can frame your lips and smoothen out any imperfections with a lip liner before applying a lipstick
• Avoid bad habits like smoking and drinking.
• And the last trick is to Smile as it makes us attractive.

Hope these tips are helpful for you in getting more kissable lips. Try them and let me know if it worked 😉 Till then, Stay beautiful n Keep Smiling.

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23 thoughts on “How to Get Kissable Lips

  1. Hmmm now I got to know your secrets of your se*y pout 😉 And I am using himalaya lip balm in night and it really makes my lips smooth 🙂 … But I will remember your points not to lick and bite coz I always do that 🙁

  2. I agree with shilpa shri.. even i apply himalaya lip balm at night and wake up with a soft lips 🙂

    i dont regularly exfoliate my lips 🙁 🙁 i should do it :headbang:

  3. This is one of my favourite post as i love each n every post regarding lip care, very intersting
    post i must say
    this gonna help me in puttin proper moisture on my lips and make them kissable too 🙂

  4. I follow the last tip :P. well jokes apart, I loved the tips but I have this habit of chewing my lips :(. have to get rid of it soon!

  5. wow.. gud one shilpi.. 🙂 secret of ur gorgeous lotds.. 😛 🙂 thanx for reminding us abt lip scrubbing and lip care!!

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