10 Kitchen Ingredients To Solve Your Beauty Problems

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Ever wondered the kitchen ingredients that we use to make delicious food can be used to make your skin delicious too! 😀 I love using the ingredients that are available in my kitchen for they are the most inexpensive yet effective substitutes for many skin care products. These ingredients are always available in your kitchen and pose no side-effects to your skin. Read on to know more about their benefits and uses! 🙂

1. Black Tea

Beauty Benefits and Uses of Key Kitchen Ingredients1

• We all know that black tea works as a great immunity booster. It has great benefits for hair too.
Boil some tea leaves in water and rinse your hair with that water. It will help reducing hair fall
• To cure puffy eyes, place some used/moist tea bags on eyes, it helps in reducing the puffiness
• Black tea provides natural shine, luster and color to your hair. It works as a natural dye. Add some fresh brewed tea in henna powder and apply to hair for great color

2. Cucumber

Beauty Benefits and Uses of Key Kitchen Ingredients2

• Using cucumber slices on eyes helps in reducing dark circles and soothes the eyes to a great extent
• Dip a cotton ball in some cucumber juice and place on top of your lashes. It makes the tired eyes fresh
• Apply some cucumber juice mixed with honey on your face and neck. This is a great remedy for summer as it will not only hydrate the skin but also will make it fresh and soft

3. Tomato

Beauty Benefits and Uses of Key Kitchen Ingredients6

• Fresh red tomatoes are very beneficial in removing skin tan. Applying tomato juice brings an instant glow to the face. Mix 2 tbsp of tomato juice with fresh milk cream and apply it to sun affected areas. It is very effective in removing sun tan and to lighten your skin complexion
• Using fresh tomato pulp lightens the neck area and elbows
• To lighten skin blemishes, mix 1 tbsp of tomato juice and 1 tbsp of reddish juice and apply the mixture for one week continuously to see amazing results

4. Lemon

Beauty Benefits and Uses of Key Kitchen Ingredients4

• Olive oil mixed with lemon helps in removing wrinkles and works as a great anti-ageing potion
• For yellow and dull nails, rub lemon skin on the nails daily for 1 week to regain the natural shine
• After washing hair, use lemon and water mixture as the last rinse. It helps conditioning hair and makes them more manageable
• We all know the use of lemon in removing the tan. It can remove the most stubborn tan of your skin

5. Milk

pouring milk into a glass on blue textured background

• Raw milk works as a great cleaning agent. I have been using this cleansing agent for ages; not only me but everybody in my family. You can make many variants of it, by adding almond, rose water, etc
• Add gram flour (besan) and sandalwood powder in equal quantities in milk and make a fine paste and use it on face every alternate day to make your skin radiant
• If you feel stinginess in your eyes, mix milk and pure rose water in equal quantities. Now add 2 drops each in both eyes to get relief

6. Butter

Beauty Benefits and Uses of Key Kitchen Ingredients

• We all know about goodness of shea and almond butter for skin, but even homemade butter is very good. It works as a great body moisturiser. Do not apply it on face directly as it can cause oiliness
• One can use clarified butter (ghee) in winter for chapped lips. Trust me this is the best treatment for dry and chapped lips
• Housewives usually face a lot issues due to cracked heels. To cure cracked heels apply homemade butter to your heels after washing them with tepid water before going to bed

7. Besan:

From clearing dark spots to acting as a natural skin cleanser, besan can do it all! Here are “14 Besan Face Packs” that you can whip at home to solve all beauty issues.

8. Rice Water:

Rice water has been proven to effectively stop hair fall with regular use. So, the next time around, don’t use throw away the rice water, use it for strong and healthy hair. Here’s how you can do it.

Hope you all liked this post and will use some of these tips at home!!

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