Kleancolor 02 Sugar Spice Mark of Love Lipstick Review

Skin tone: medium
Hello beauties!
I know that’s quite a mouthful of a name for a simple lipstick. Remember I told you all long ago that I had hauled quite a few things from Kleancolor? This is one of the last lipstick reviews from the haul. I just have one more product to review and then I’m done with Kleancolor. Let’s start this review now!
Kleancolor 02 Sugar Spice Mark of Love lipstick

Price: 2.99 $ (excluding shipping and taxes)
Description: Mark of Love from KleanColor delivers spectacular moisture to lips with strikingly sophisticated shades. Its hydrating formula offers superb pampering to lips for a perfect kiss.

My Experience with Kleancolor 02 Sugar Spice Mark of Love Lipstick:

Packaging: It comes in this very cute black packaging with transparent lid. The lid has little red hearts all over it. It looks super cute. The retractable mechanism works well, but the lid is a little flimsy. It is travel friendly.

Colour/Pigmentation: Although they call it a ‘lipstick’ but it is just a tinted lip balm. I picked up what looked to me like the darkest shade available. But it is a cute coral pink which looks like a washed out milky peach shade on my lips. It has a heart shaped balmy centre, similar to Elle 18 Color Boost lipsticks. The lipstick swatches very lightly on the lips, barely giving a hint of colour. Hence it is very low on the pigmentation. If you have dark lips, then this one wouldn’t do anything for it.
lipstick bullet

Texture: The texture is creamy and goes on very smoothly. I feel this is a sister lipstick to Elle 18 ones. I say it because this one melted and broke off when I kept it outside. Although the colour isn’t appealing to me, I still used it sometimes; now I have a melted mess on my hands. I’ll have to find a way to fix it. Back to the review, it does provide ample moisture to the lips but isn’t that hydrating as they claim it to be. Definitely don’t feel like pampering my lips with it.
lipstick with balm core

Staying Power: It stays on for like 3-4 hours without meals in between. With meals, it fades out unevenly, sticking to the corners of the mouth.

Summing up the pros and cons,

Pros of Kleancolor 02 Sugar Spice Mark of Love Lipstick:

• Affordable.
• Very cutely packaged.
• 8 Shades to choose from.
• Lip balm in a lipstick.
• Creamy texture.
• Provides enough moisture.
swatch and lipswatch

Cons of Kleancolor 02 Sugar Spice Mark of Love Lipstick:

• Availability.
• Very soft, hence melts when kept outside.
• Doesn’t heal dry and chapped lips.
• This shade doesn’t flatter my skin tone.

IMBB Rating: 3/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Kleancolor 02 Sugar Spice Mark of Love Lipstick?
Yes, I do recommend it to lip balm lovers, but please keep it in the fridge! As for repurchase, I’ll try other darker shades.

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