Kleancolor #8 Ruby Red Master Strokes Long-Wear Satin Lipstick Review

Skin type: combination
Skin tone: medium

Hello all,
Today I’ll be reviewing an orange-red lipstick from Kleancolor. Read on to find out how it fared for me.
Kleancolor #8 Ruby Red Master Strokes Long-Wear Satin Lipstick Review

Product Description:
KleanColor’s Master Strokes, Long-Wear satin Lipstick series features a variety of complementary shades with superior hydration.  These long-lasting , creamy satin lipsticks offer all the essentials in just one swipe. They apply with the precision of a lip liner, provide the rich pigment of a lipstick and give the moisturizing benefits of a lip balm. Your lips will stay smooth and vibrant all day.

$6 (including shipping and customs)


My Experience with Kleancolor #8 Ruby Red Master Strokes Long-Wear Satin Lipstick:

Packaging: This lipstick comes in a retractable chubby stick form. This one looks like a dark wine shade, but it isn’t. The colour on this one’s packaging is misleading. The retractable mechanism is a little loose, though. The transparent cap fits just fine. It is easy to use and is travel-friendly.


Colour/pigmentation: ‘Ruby Red’ is an orangey red shade which is slightly darker than Poppy Red. It’s a very girly and flirty shade. I like that it is a bold and beautiful colour, and I love how it gives a plain outfit some jazz. The pigmentation is good and it is buildable. It appears to be a very glossy lipstick at first, but as time passes, it becomes a bit matte.


Texture: The texture of these lipsticks is very smooth and slightly creamy. These are satin finish lipsticks and are very comfortable on the lips. People with extremely dry lips need to moisturise their lips prior applying this. But, for the rest, this is a pretty forgiving formula. It glides on very easily and doesn’t tug much. On dry lips, this will tug a little bit.

hand swatch

Staying power: These lipsticks stay on the lips for 5 hours and survive meals too. I hadn’t expected these lipsticks to stay on for this long. This one does fade slightly after you eat or drink, but when you purse your lips, it looks even again. It needs a touch-up after every 3-4 hours.

lip swatch

Summing up the pros and cons,

Pros of Kleancolor #8 Ruby Red Master Strokes Long-Wear Satin Lipstick:

• Affordable
• Lovely colour
• Suits all skin tones
• Smooth and creamy texture
• Good staying power

Cons of Kleancolor #8 Ruby Red Master Strokes Long-Wear Satin Lipstick:

• Loose retractable mechanism
• Availability
• Tugs on dry lips

IMBB Rating:

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Kleancolor #8 Ruby Red Master Strokes Long-Wear Satin Lipstick?
Yes to both.

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