Kleancolor Beauty Blending Sponge Review

Beauty blenders are always recommended by makeup artist, especially for dry skin types. I am very fond of sponges (wedges) for applying foundation. They provide even coverage and natural finish. For a change, I thought to lay my hands on these sponges, which are very affordable and kinda dupe for beauty blenders. Let us jump into the review of it.

Kleancolor Beauty Blending Sponge

USD  3.99 (excluding shipping cost)

My Experience with Kleancolor Beauty Blending Sponge:

I was little skeptical to pick this make up sponge, as I have not seen any review on Kleancolor Beauty Blending Sponge. But, I finally purchased it, just to experiment a different brand. I usually use cosmetic wedges for foundation application, as those are easily available and affordable enough to change it monthly.

Kleancolor Beauty Blending Sponge 2Kleancolor Beauty Blending Sponge 3

The fluorescent green color is pretty unique, as most of the cosmetic sponges are of pink color. I found this cosmetic sponge very affordable and good enough to provide the flawless finish. I have used it twice. I damp it under warm and then gently squeeze it. It blends the foundation into the skin thoroughly and effortlessly.

Kleancolor Beauty Blending Sponge 4

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The best part, which I have observed that the pores of the sponge are so small that it do not soak much of the the product. Also, making it slight damp, clogs the pores. Moreover, while application it dabs the product into the skin rather than swiping it over. This is the problem I observed in cosmetic wedges, which I feel difficult to work with, even while using dabbing application.

Kleancolor Beauty Blending Sponge 5

It has a curve shape with pointed top and flat bottom, which makes it more precise for application. The pointed head can be used for application near eyes and nose, while the flat bottom can be used for rest of the face. The overall shape of the sponge makes it very convenient to blend the foundation, concealer and contouring into the skin and provide the flawless finish.

Kleancolor Beauty Blending Sponge 6

Pros of Kleancolor Beauty Blending Sponge:

  • Very affordable.
  • Pretty unique color sponge to have.
  • The curve design make application precise.
  • Dose not absorbs the product.
  • It do not swipes the product, rather dabs it gently into the skin .

Cons of Kleancolor Beauty Blending Sponge:

  • Availability in India.
  • Cleaning of sponges is a difficult task for me.

My Verdict:
I found this sponge worth the money and amazing to get the flawless natural finish. It has made the blending process so simple that I find it better than using brushes and cosmetic wedges.

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