Kleancolor Brown Black Frameous Brows-Tinted Brow Mascara Review

Hello everybody.

Lately, I’ve been obsessed about filling my brows; hence, I have bought some stuff to cater to my eyebrows. This brow mascara seemed interesting enough and so it landed into my cart. Let’s get to know more about it.


Price: $3.99
Product Description:
Frameous Brows tinted brow mascara is waterproof and comes in five colors; Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Brown Black and Midnight Black to suit all brow shades and frame every face beautifully. The straight spiral bristled brush is ideal for filling in sparse or over plucked brows perfectly and adding that pop and frame to your look. Your brows will be famous with Frameous Brows.


My Experience with Kleancolor Brown Black Frameous Brows-Tinted Brow Mascara:

This brow mascara has the same velvet packaging like the ‘Frameous Lashes’ packaging. It feels really soft and nice to touch. The body is dark brown in colour. The wand is a long one and the bristles are shaped normally. It would be a problem while using this wand on thin brows but since I love thick brows, it works fine for me.


The shade’s name is brown-black, but it is a dark ashy brown shade. It is a tad bit too light for me but doesn’t look odd. I can make it work. It is immensely pigmented and you need only a little amount. The wand does have a lot of product which you need to clean off first on the tube before using on your brows else it will look too stark.


The wand works perfectly and the brushes coat my eyebrows really nicely. I love how nicely and quickly this mascara fills in my brows without having to spend a lot of time on filling them in with a pencil. This is a very quick way to achieve fuller-looking brows in just a minute.


The product is very creamy and it is very handy when you are getting late but still want to look presentable. Two to three strokes per brow and you are sorted! The product dries off pretty quickly too and it lasts all day long. I really love this product. I already have fuller brows, hence I can get away with no brow makeup, but if you have thin and sparse brows, then this will keep you sorted.


I apply this brow mascara and it stays put for the entire day and not a hair gets out of place! Also, you can easily remove it off with a wet wipe or a makeup remover. It doesn’t crumble up or flake or smudge throughout the day. Did I mention that I already love this product so much?


Summing up the pros and cons,

Pros of Kleancolor Brown Black Frameous Brows-Tinted Brow Mascara:

• Affordable
• Nice packaging
• Love the velvety feel of the tube
• Colour-coded packaging
• Intensely pigmented
• Comes in very handy when short of time
• Long lasting brow mascara
• Doesn’t flake, crumble or smudge
• Dries off quickly
• Quick process
• Creamy product

Cons of Kleancolor Brown Black Frameous Brows-Tinted Brow Mascara:

• Wand is a bit too big and will be problematic if you have thin brows
• Wand picks up excess product

IMBB Rating: 4.8/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase Kleancolor Brown Black Frameous Brows-Tinted Brow Mascara?
Definitely a big yes!

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