Kleancolor Femme Advice Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette – 04 Be Fearless Review

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Today, I’m back with an eyeshadow review. I bought this palette mainly because of the two shades at the bottom; i.e. the forest green and the navy blue shades. I loved them the second I looked at them. Let’s talk more about the palette.


Price: $5.99
Product description: The Femme Advice eight colour shimmer eyeshadow palettes provide that little extra bit of inspiration to Be Kind, Be Fearless, Be Strong and Be Grateful. These mirror back palettes allow portability and a look into the soul. Play with the compatible shades of each Advice to put your best face, and self, forward.


My Experience with Kleancolor Femme Advice Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette – 04 Be Fearless:


This eyeshadow palette has 8 shades neatly arranged in two columns. One side has the greens and the other side has blues. There’s a mirror attached to the bottom of the palette. The mirror is of a nice quality but, it might break if you drop it. The packaging is made of black coloured plastic with a clear top. There isn’t much to write about the packaging as it isn’t that great but, is very handy to use. Also, there aren’t any brushes provided with the palette.


The shadows are very smooth to touch but are powdery. There is a little bit of fallout but, I’m willing to overlook it. There isn’t one shadow that doesn’t feel silky smooth to touch. These shadows are very well pigmented as you can see in the swatches. What I like about these shadows the most is that they blend really very well. The two looks that I created required flat 10 minutes to apply and blend in the shadows.


Let’s get to know the shadows individually now.
Starting with Column 1:
The first shade is a white shade with a pearly effect. You can’t see the pearl shimmers unless you apply it on your lids. The second shade is a sea green or mint shade. It is a beautiful colour with slightly gold reflex to it. It is a pretty unique shade! The third shade is a mustard yellow shimmery shade which looks almost golden on the lids and in the swatch. Again, a pretty unique shade. The fourth shade in column 1 is the shade that made me buy the palette. It is a beautiful dark green shade and I’m totally loving it! It looks stunning on the lids.


On to Column 2:
The first shade here is a grey eyeshadow with gold reflex. I cannot get enough of this shade. Totally love the uniqueness of the grey with a gold combo. The second shade is a proper blue shade, almost like sky blue but a little darker. I’ve never liked my blue shadow better than this one. The third shade is an icy blue colour which again is a unique shade in a palette that costs only 5.99 $. The final shade is again one of the shades that made me buy this palette. It’s a dark blue, almost navy blue shade which is so good that I want to use it every single day. It’s a gorgeous blue shadow and looks really nice on the lids. These shadows stay on the lids for 6 hours easily. I did use a matte primer underneath but, I guess they will show up really good without a primer as well.



Pros of Kleancolor Femme Advice Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette – 04 Be Fearless:

  • Very affordable.
  • You get 8 gorgeous shadows.
  • Pigmented eye shadows.
  • Smooth to touch.
  • Blends very easily.
  • Soft texture.
  • Good staying power.
  • Unique colours.

Cons of Kleancolor Femme Advice Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette – 04 Be Fearless:

  • Little powdery to touch.
  • There’s a little fallout.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Will I Recommend/Repurchase Kleancolor Femme Advice Shimmer Eyeshadow Palette – 04 Be Fearless?
Definitely a big yes! I’ll try other shades as well!

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