KleanColor Garlic Nail Growth Treatment Review

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Today I’ll be sharing a nail product review with you all. Stick around to find more about this little cutie.
KleanColor Garlic Nail Growth Treatment Review

Product Description:
KleanColor provides essentials of nail treatments for you to have healthy and long-lasting manicure and/or pedicure at home. Achieving professional salon result, these treatments formula can be worn alone or layered over your favourite KleanColor nail polishes.

$5.99 (excluding shipping + customs)

My Experience with KleanColor Garlic Nail Growth Treatment:


This nail growth product comes in a green coloured bottle with dark green fonts. The applicator’s color is the same as well. The bottle is matte and the applicator is shiny, both of which look really good. The ingredients list is mentioned at the back in tiny fonts. The sticker at the bottom shows the product code. I like the packaging. The applicator is long enough to coat most of the nail in one stroke. The bristles are clear and fan out pretty well.


The liquid is pretty thick, like all KleanColor nail products. It is slightly green tinged and has a strong nail polish fragrance at first and when it dries, it smells like green apples. I really like the fragrance of these nail products. It lasts for about half a day and then vanishes. The coat dries off within 2 minutes and looks like a clear nail polish.


I use just one coat of this product and let it do its magic for a day and then apply a coloured nail polish on top of it. Some days, I’ll leave it as is. I’ve noticed that ever since I’ve been using this product, my nails have been growing a bit faster. My nails have normal growth, sometimes takes too long to grow them. But, after using this regularly for a couple of weeks, I can feel that my nails are growing faster than they used to.

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Having said that, I’d also like to mention that these products don’t give long term results. What I mean is, when you apply, you get the results; if you don’t, your nails go back to being the same old nails. I don’t mind using it over and over again if it’s giving me results, but some of you might mind that. Also, another drawback is that my nails start to chip after 3 days. So re-application is a must.


Summing up the pros and cons,

Pros of KleanColor Garlic Nail Growth Treatment:

• Pretty packaging
• Decently priced
• Dries fairly quick
• Dries to a green apple fragrance
• Makes my nails grow faster (as long as I use it)
• Gives a nice sheen to the nails
• Good applicator

Cons of KleanColor Garlic Nail Growth Treatment:

• Works only as long as you keep using the product
• Starts to chip soon

IMBB Rating:

Yes to both, repurchase and recommendation.

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