KleanColor Ms. Chick Blush 08 Tangerine Review

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I’ve been loving Kleancolor products lately and have a lot of products to review. Today’s review is going to be of this gorgeous blush. Let’s get started!

KleanColor Ms. Chick Blush 08 Tangerine Review

Price: $2.99 + $3, shipping and customs

Product Description:
Ms. Chick Blush from KleanColor offers translucent and natural shades, which are specially selected to compliment any skin tone, delivering harmony to complexion. Its blendable formulation is designed to glide on smoothly for a soft-focus radiance.


My Experience with KleanColor Ms. Chick Blush 08 Tangerine:

Packaging: This blush comes in a very cute round pot which is colour coded. The transparent top makes it even easier to pick up the shade you want. The details are printed on the label at the back. The jar opens and closes with a nice click and is very convenient to travel with. I’m really impressed by the way Kleancolor does its packaging!


Colour: ‘Tangerine’ is a perfect orange shade with a little bit of pink in it. I love the shade so much. It is very pigmented and even a slight touch of the brush is loaded with the colour. Hence one needs a very light hand when using this blush and you have to tap off the excess. I also noticed that you have to work quite a bit to even out the shade on your cheeks. It is slightly difficult to blend the blush to your liking.

pot open

Texture: I love how matte it is! There’s absolutely no shimmer in it. The texture is smooth and a wee bit powdery if you pick up the blush with your finger. But you can’t say that it is buttery smooth. It’s just in the middle, not too smooth yet not too harsh. I hope I am making sense here. There’s little to no fallout.


Staying power: It stayed on me perfectly for 7-8 hours. I put my makeup at 11 in the morning and I tested all the products till 8 pm and the blush still looked really fresh, like I had just applied it. It is perfect for all those events you want to attend and don’t want to touch up!

Pros of KleanColor Ms. Chick Blush 08 Tangerine:

• Reasonable price.
• Beautiful colour.
• Would suit all skin tones.
• Very pigmented.
• Lasts all day long.
• Nice texture.
• Cute packaging.

Cons of KleanColor Ms. Chick Blush 08 Tangerine:

• Not easily available.
• Slightly powdery.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Would I Recommend KleanColor Ms. Chick Blush 08 Tangerine?
Yes, I absolutely love this blush and it’s already one of my favorites!

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