KleanColor Tangy Medley Lip Softening Gloss – 06 Blueberry Review

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The past month was indeed a very, very busy month for me. I was so stressed, tired and exhausted due to hectic schedule that I couldn’t make time for any reviews. But now that my college is kind of over, I have some time to pen down the reviews for my mega lipstick haul. Let’s start the lipstick review series with something that’ll make sure that my lips don’t get dry and crackly. Yes, this is lip balm with the consistency of a lip gloss. Read on more to know how it fared for me.

KleanColor Tangy Medley Lip Softening Gloss - 06 Blueberry Review

Price: $1.99 (excluding shipping and customs)

Product Description:
Outrageous shine meets intense hydration in this Tangy Medley softening lip gloss from KleanColor. Each tube is packed with healthy emollients to condition lips, leaving them sensually supple and sleek. Senses are automatically invigorated with tantalizing fruit scents.


My Experience with KleanColor Tangy Medley Lip Softening Gloss – 06 Blueberry:

Packaging: This gloss comes packed in a light blue coloured plastic packaging. It has dark blue details all over it. The fonts are black. I really like the packaging, which is cute, tiny, sleek and convenient. The cap fits perfectly and the slanted applicator allows you to perfectly apply the gloss. You can press the tube to reveal the gloss. This tube is perfect for travelling.


Colour: The gloss is actually a very pale tinted blue one, but you can’t see it on your lips or in the swatch. You need sufficient amount of the product to distinguish the pale blue tint. The gloss provides a nice sheen to the lips, making them look plump and healthier. It also gives a juicy look to the lips. I like the product for making my thin lips fuller and plump.


Texture: The gloss is thick and hence you need a little product each time. It is just slightly sticky so that it can adhere to the lips and not move. If you apply more, there are chances that it might move and spread to the corners of your mouth, but not if you apply just the right amount. It does soften up the lips as claimed, but the effects are only temporary. It moisturises my lips very well and hydrates them a little bit too. I bought this gloss thinking it might give a tingling feeling to my lips, but unfortunately it doesn’t do any of that.

slant tip

Staying power: It stays on the lips for 3 hours and it survives light meals. But the lips don’t feel dry for 5 hours. If you apply too much of the gloss, it settles in the corners of your mouth and that way, it has even less staying power; hence again, it is recommended you apply a little product.
Smell/taste: It has a nice sweet fragrance to it which doesn’t bother me. The smell fades away in 2 minutes and hence most won’t have any problem with the fragrance. It doesn’t have any taste though.


Summing up the pros and cons,

Pros of KleanColor Tangy Medley Lip Softening Gloss – 06 Blueberry:

• Cute packaging.
• Affordable.
• Comes in 6 different variants.
• Moisturises the lips very well.
• Hydrates them a little bit.
• Average staying power.
• Gives a nice, juicy, plump-y effect to the lips.
• Nice, subtle fragrance.
• Nice texture (not too sticky).

Cons of KleanColor Tangy Medley Lip Softening Gloss – 06 Blueberry:

• Availability.
• Staying power should’ve been better.

IMBB Rating: 4/5

Would I Recommend/Repurchase KleanColor Tangy Medley Lip Softening Gloss – 06 Blueberry?
Yes for recommendation and as for repurchase, I wouldn’t buy the same tube. Instead, I would like to try other variants from this range.

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