KleanColor Wizard Pads Peppermint Nail Polish Remover Pads + Cuticle Oil Review

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I’ll be reviewing the last KleanColor product today. It’s a nail polish remover pads review. These come in very handy at times and can be easily carried around. Let’s get to know about it in detail.
Kleancolor Peppermint Nailpolish Remover Pad Cuticle Oil

Price: 2 $ (without shipping and customs)
Description: No-Acetone, No-Mess, No-Harsh Odor, No-Fuss. Wizard Pads by KleanColor are designed to gently remove nail polish with no-mess, no-spill, no harsh odor. These portable and convenient pads allow you to remove nail polish whenever and wherever you desire. Its compact size allows you to toss it in your purse, pack it for trips or leave it at your desk at work for last-minute fixes.
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My Experience with KleanColor Wizard Pads Peppermint Nail Polish Remover Pads + Cuticle Oil:

The pads come in a green plastic tub like packaging. The packaging is really nice and chic. The back has some details about the product. The packaging is convenient and travel friendly. When you unscrew the lid, you see the white round pads sitting and you are immediately greeted with a mild peppermint fragrance. I’m so in love with the cool minty fragrance.
Kleancolor Nailpolish Remover Pad Cuticle Oil

The nail polish remover pads are light cotton material and are very thin. They are soaked in solution but aren’t very wet. They have some oil like substance, lighter than regular oil. It easily removes nail polish off the nails and coats the nails with the oil. It doesn’t leave any traces behind.
open tub

The fragrance lingers on until you wash your hands with soap. But the fragrance isn’t too harsh or strong. It’s mild and I love peppermint fragrance hence I got this variant. It has 5 other variants too. Sensitive noses won’t have any problem with the fragrance at all.
Nailpolish Remover Pad with Cuticle Oil

One pad is enough to remove paint from 5 nails. So you will need 2 pads for both hands. It removes the darkest nail colours with ease and doesn’t spread the polish all over your hands. It’s quite neat that way.

My nails feel good after letting the oil soak in for about 5 minutes. They have a natural shine to them and don’t look dried up. It doesn’t leave nail polish stains behind too.
stack of nail polish removing pads

Summing up the pros and cons,

Pros of KleanColor Wizard Pads Peppermint Nail Polish Remover Pads + Cuticle Oil:

• Affordable.
• Cute packaging.
• Travel friendly.
• Love the fragrance.
• Moisturises the cuticles with the oil.
• Easy to remove dark colours as well.
• Acetone free.
• Leaves the nails looking healthy and shiny.
nail polish remover pad

Cons of KleanColor Wizard Pads Peppermint Nail Polish Remover Pads + Cuticle Oil:

• I can’t think of any other con except for the availability.

IMBB Rating: 5/5
Would I Recommend/Repurchase KleanColor Wizard Pads Peppermint Nail Polish Remover Pads + Cuticle Oil?
This one’s my favourite; hence whenever I’ll get to shop from abroad, this is going to be on my list. I’d recommend you all to try this out too!

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