Kleancolor Wonder Eyelash Curler Review

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Today’s review will be on an eye lash curler, so let’s get started!

Kleancolor Eyelash Curler

Product Description:
Kleancolor presents a precisely engineered eyelash curler, which suits all eye shapes with the promise of easy and painless usage. The curved angle is designed to effectively curl every lash for a perfect result and say good bye to sleepy eyes. It also comes with extra replacement pad.

Kleancolor Eyelash Curler packaging

My Experience with Kleancolor Wonder Eyelash Curler:

This lash curler comes in a very flimsy plastic box. It also has an extra replacement pad. The eye lash curler itself is very flimsy. The handle is made out of plastic. It looks nice but is of very poor quality. The curler suits my eye shape well, but you have to be a little careful while curling your lashes.

Kleancolor Wonder Eyelash Curler Review

They claim that this curler is designed in a way to fit all eye shapes. Well it does fit well, but some of my lashes stay uncurled when I use this curler. The lashes on the outer corner do not fit in the curler, even though I do not have big eyes, so that claim goes down the drain.

I have to use this curler twice to get all my lashes curled. It doesn’t make much of a difference though. My lashes stay curled for about 2 minutes and then they are back to normal.

Kleancolor Wonder Eyelash Curler full

Even though I apply mascara after curling my lashes, I can’t see any good result from this lash curler! Also, I feel that you have to be extra careful using this curler because the pad isn’t very thick, so I usually am afraid to press the curler. I have to be extra gentle because otherwise I have a feeling I’ll hurt myself.

Kleancolor Wonder Eyelash Curler open

Overall, I don’t find this curler any good. It does nothing to my lashes!

Pros of Kleancolor Wonder Eyelash Curler:

  • Super affordable.
  • Comes with a replacement pad.

Cons of Kleancolor Wonder Eyelash Curler:

  • Doesn’t curl my lashes properly.
  • Doesn’t fit my eyes well.
  • Doesn’t hold the curled lashes.
  • Very flimsy and poor quality packaging.
  • You have to be extra careful while curling your lashes.

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