Know Where Your Favorite Bollywood Stars Reside

Tell me are you star struck?  Who is your favorite Bollywood star and do you write fan mails to your star? Now since there’s twitter and other social media platforms, you can connect to your favorite star directly, but do you know stars love to get fan mail.  If you want to write fan mail to your favorite star, you would want to know where these glamorous stars reside.  This is a Bollywood fun post, in which we are going to tell you where Bollywood stars reside.  We know all of them stay in Mumbai – in Bandra, Versova, Lokhandwala, and other suburbs, but here are some more details about stars and their homes:

Know Where Your Favorite Bollywood Stars Reside

1.  Salman Khan:  Yes, I am a Bigg Boss fan and look forward to Saturday and Sunday evenings to watch “Weekend Ka Vaar” with Salman Khan.  I have not watched many of his films, but I am a big fan of Bigg Boss 😛 This highly controversial star stays in Galaxy Apartments, Mumbai – an apt name for a star of his stature.

2.  Shahrukh Khan:  The King of Bollywood stays in a heritage bungalow “Mannat” at Bandra. It’s the third most expensive home in India, the first being Mukesh Ambani’s home “Antilla.” Shahrukh Khan’s house has state-of-the-art gym, entertainment area, pool, and the house stands for luxury. He also has a dream villa in Palm Jumeirah worth 200 crores!! and it’s just a holiday home!

Know Where Your Favorite Bollywood Stars Reside

3. Aamir Khan: Aamir Khan’s Carter Road house cost him a whopping 60 crores. It’s a 5000 square feet multi-storeyed apartment building called Frida Apartments. It’s a sea-facing property, so that completely justifies the price.

Know Where Your Favorite Bollywood Stars Reside

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4. Hrithik Roshan: Hrithik Roshan’s “Bang Bang” has managed to rake in 200 crores at the box office inspite of mixed reviews from the critics. Hrithik Roshan lives in a luxurious duplex home “El Palazzo” in Juhu.

Know Where Your Favorite Bollywood Stars Reside

5. Ranbir Kapoor: Rumors are rife that Katrina Kaif and Ranbir Kapoor are moving in together and that they have found a pad for themselves, but right now, he stays in his family home “Krishna Raj” with his parents in Pali Hills.

Know Where Your Favorite Bollywood Stars Reside


8 thoughts on “Know Where Your Favorite Bollywood Stars Reside

  1. srk’s home is the bestest..being residing in mumbai….i have seen almost every actors home location wise is definately srk and salman who are neighbours…as well as deepika padukone….near prabhadevi mumbai..she has spent almost 17 crores on that particular home..

    1. Wow… star struck female!! He he, you know, I would have done the same, and also wold have gone to galaxy apartments 😛

  2. just type deepika padukone’s home in google……she’s actually put up all possible pics of her newly purchased home..she’s even done a photo shoot out there for vogue….amazing home with a feminine feel..just check it out guys….

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