Konad Cosmetics Blueberry Moisture Hand Cream Review

Konad Niju Blueberry Moisture Hand Cream

Hi guys,

I hope you all had a good weekend. I actually wanted to do a make up review but its already night and I have washed my face and don’t my night routine. So instead I thought I will do a skincare product review. This one is a hand moisture cream. Lately I feel that hand creams are a must for me. I think some of you may know by now that I have 2 dogs and throughout the day I just cannot resist patting and playing with both of them. And then I just don’t do anything without washing my hands after playing with them. Also I feel that probably I have a little bit of an obsessive compulsive disorder ( 😛 I know right? ) I just cant stop washing my hands. If it has been a little while since I have washed my hands I constantly get the feeling that my hands are dirty. So you know this is my story and so its really necessary for me to have a hand cream. Lotions do the job too but they don’t provide the adequate moisture.

konad cosmetics hand cream

Product details:- You can see them in the picture below

konad hand cream

Price:- 150/- I got it as a gift 🙂

My take on it:-
I have been using this cream for quite a while now and I really like the effect it has on my hands. I used to think that lotions do the same job as hand creams, but then I received a free hand cream with my purchases and I started using it. TO my surprise I loved how soft my hands felt after using it. I actually finished up that hand cream.

konad hand cream review

This cream unlike the previous one I used gets absorbed into the hands much faster. I think that normal hand creams do take a little while to get fully absorbed. The cream is in blueberry version, there are others also available like mango and all, I totally love the smell of it. It is actually of blueberry only. The smell is not even too strong.

The soft effect of the cream lasts about 4 to 5 hours as far as what I felt. But I tend to wash my hands much sooner than that, so I cannot fully comment on that. The cap is a screw one and its very easy to dispense the cream. You can squeeze out as much as you want. The price is also very good for the quantity you get. For an everyday basis I think this is the cream to use. This cream always rests on my bed side along with my lip balm. Both are purple from outside and look cute together . 🙂

konad hand cream swatch

For all you girls with dry hand out there, this is a really good hand cream option. Its inexpensive and easy to use. My hands used to be very rough before this and I used to find it very bad. But after taking proper care of my hands they are much better now. Do give it a try, I don’t think you will regret it . 🙂


  • Inexpensive
  • Good quantity
  • Easy to use packaging
  • Available easily online
  • Makes hands soft and smooth


  •  I did not really find any

Would I repurchase?
Yes, I am definitely getting it in some other flavor . 🙂

IMBB rating:- 4.5/5
Have a great week ahead everyone. Take care.

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  1. Monday :(. Office :(. I too have this disorder Sister of washing hands! I can relate to the feeling of Dirty hands feel! I use Fabindia Lemon hand cream and love it to bits! but wanna try this one too now!

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