Konad False Eyelashes-06 Review

Konad False Eyelashes-06 Review

I have lately developed a liking due to the prime reason that time is the luxury I dont have, you will agree once you have a toddler running around 24*7! Anyway, my main reason for wearing falsies ofcourse for my EOTD  on IMBB, but because I hate removing mascara, absolutely hate it! I also see my precious eye lashes come off sometime on the cotton  wool sometime and it breaks my heart, so I am always looking for some falsie that would be look natural. We have to agree that falsies give an amazing lift to the eyes  that coats of mascara wouldn’t be able to.

konad false eye lashes 06

Why I chose this brand is that firstly, they are afforadable. You can get it for Rs.200 a pair and the  glue that comes with it is very usable, I quite like it that it comes with an affordable glue that is furctional and works very well

konad false eye lashes 06 (2)


The false eyelashes from konad gives your eyes a well defined look. This is reusable and false eyelash extensions are low maintenance too.

konad false eye lashes 06 (3)

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The lashes are plastic I think and hence they are not very curvy, they stay straight and you will have to see how you like them. these I would say are not so natural looking and I would use them for a night party only. The lash band is fine, not so thick or thin, but works fine. I need to cut the lashes a bit as the band and the length is long for me and might poke  my eyes at the corners. You can suit yourself. 🙂

konad false eye lashes 06 (4)

The glue becomes tacky in 10 seconds after which only, you can place the lash on the lash line, then to hide the band, what I do is line the eyes with a black liner to hide the band and done! You can curl the lashes as well if you like! These lashes are pretty but I find them a little to plastic and straight and not so natural looking,rest everything is fine . You can check my other versions from them in the links below.03 is a little lighter and natural looking than this one,02 is glittery, and the most natural looking is this one here!
PS: Wearing Mulch from MAC for eyeshadow!

konad false eye lashes 06 (5)
konad false eye lashes 06 (6)

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10 thoughts on “Konad False Eyelashes-06 Review

  1. The most natural looking ones are supposed to be Ardell ones which arent available here 😛 Anyway , what`s stunning eyes without a bit of drama 😀 Maybe you should do an arabian eye tutorial next ^_^

  2. now I know why konad eyelash stuff is out of stock all the frigging time 😛 It`s the clue isnt it. people prefer this over basicare ones. 😛

  3. I was staring at the eye makeup more than the falsies 😛
    Neha do eye makeup tuts naa!
    It looks quite natural though or wait that’s coz of the makeup.. 😮 Anyways, I can’t try falsies as I get styes very easily…highly sensitive skinned kid here :@

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