Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow in Dark Gray Review

Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow in Dark Gray Review

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Today, I am going to review Konad eyeshadow in dark gray. It comes in many other colors like white, white pearl, soft gray, black, romantic pink, pink pearl, ultra violet, ever green and chocolate. I didn’t have a single dark gray color, so I ordered this online.

Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow in Dark Gray Review


Rs. 130.

My Experience with Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow in Dark Gray:

This eyeshadow comes in a transparent, plastic cover, which is quite sturdy and can be easily used to store the eyeshadow. The eyeshadow pan is triangular in shape and has a round spot with glue below the pan to attach it to any palette you want. I have not uncovered the glue spot yet. A cute butterfly is super scribed on the eyeshadow, which is quite attractive.

Grey Eyeshadow 1

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Dark gray is a typical dark grey color having hints of black, but it also has silver shimmer in it. The shimmer is not at all over the top and is hardly visible when applied on the lids, but I did notice that the shimmer travelled to my lower lid while applying the eyeshadow. This problem can be solved by using a base underneath the eyeshadow. This color can be used as an overall lid color or in combination with nay bright color or black.

Grey Eyeshadow 2

This eyeshadow is very smooth and soft. It blends very easily, and there was absolutely no fall out except the slight travelling of my shimmer to lower lid which I mentioned above. I felt there was lack of pigmentation when I swatched this eyeshadow on my arm, but when I applied it on my lids, I had absolutely no problem with the pigmentation. You can see that in my EOTD. I have applied this eyeshadow without any base or primer on my lids. So, I would say that it is not very pigmented, but still decently pigmented.

Grey Eyeshadow 3

It stays on my oily lids for 4-5 hours without any base. I have not experienced any creasing or fading. I would say that considering the price, this eyeshadow is worth buying and I am quite happy with the product.

Eye Swatches:

Grey Eyeshadow 4

Grey Eyeshadow 5

Pros of Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow in Dark Gray:

  • Decent pigmentation.
  • Smooth and soft texture.
  • Blends easily.
  • No fall out.
  • Stays easily for 4-5 hours without any primer or base.
  • Didn’t crease or fade on my lids.
  • Affordable.

Eye Swatch:

Grey Eyes

Cons of Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow in Dark Gray:

  • Availability can be an issue.
  • Slight travelling of eyeshadow to the lower eyelid.

IMBB Rating:


Will I Repurchase/Do I Recommend Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow in Dark Gray?

Yes, absolutely. It is not as good as high-end brands, but definitely worth giving a shot at this price.

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13 thoughts on “Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow in Dark Gray Review

  1. hi…loved the colour. I have a trio from this range & they too need a base but this colour is gorgeous.One thing I hate about them is that shimmers travel all around your eyelids 🙁

    1. Thanks ray. Yeah shimmer travelling is the biggest problem with this eyeshadow travelling:-( it becomes very difficult to dust it off 🙁

    1. Yeah the texture and the shade are both definitely good Karpagam 🙂 the only problem is pigmentation and spreading of the shimmer. 🙁

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