Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow Romantic Pink Review

Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow Romantic Pink

Hi all,

Hope everyone is doing good. Did I mention you that I am an eye makeup freak, Yes I did. So I am back with a review on eye shadow from Konad Iloje Flobu. Sounds like a tongue twister na 😛 So is it.

This eyeshadow comes in pink and the name is Romantic Pink. This is very small and has a cute butterfly imprinted on the eye shadow.


Price: 135/- Actual price and I got it at 120 (Sale price :blush:)

Shelf Life: 3 years. Almost invisible but I figured out somehow. If the product is this small expect the details to be very tiny 😀

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Product claims: Konad Iloje Flobu Eye Shadow gives fine particles and a soft feel that enable moisturized and silky smooth application. Enhanced skin adhesiveness prevents the makeup from becoming pasty on the face. Non-clumping, long-lasting color makes bright and beautiful eyes possible.

Furthermore, outstanding color and subtle pearls change according to the angle of the light to give fine, 3D eye makeup.

Staying Power: This eye shadow turned up good to me. This stayed upto 4 hours on my oily lids.

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My Experience with Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow Romantic Pink:

I never knew about this brand until I saw a review on IMBB. So I thought I would give it a try. They have around 10 colors in this range. I didn’t have this color so I picked it up from an online website. I didn’t find them in any of the stores so I had to go for online store and that’s cheap online. For any make up I would prefer that to be glitter free. Too much glitter is not at all my thing.

This eye shadow is too good for this price. This smudges very rarely and is water proof too :dance:

The only problem is the packaging, It has got the worst packaging covered up with a piece of plastic and the eye shadow keeps on falling off from the plastic wrap and it’s hard to find it if you carry a little big hand bag, as I’ve already mentioned you that it’s pretty small one to figure out. Be very careful.


Coming to its texture, its utterly smooth very glazy and yes leaves only glitter if the color is gone. Which is not much preferable by me. For the ones who love glitters it’s the perfect pick at very low price with all the pros in it. It’s a chameleon I would say, yes it changes colors with light. I had to click many shots to get the right color. Sometimes it shows up like pink and some other time looks like silver :O

This is preferably a evening party eye make up that makes you look more bright in the night 😀

No fine lines and fallouts. Do not crease. Now what else would someone expect at this price all this is a very good package is what I felt. I am looking to get the other colors too. I would try the brighter colors like blues and green after this 😀

Pros of Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow Romantic Pink:

• Smooth Texture
• Has Fine shimmer in it
• Very affordable
• Long lasting
• No fine lines and No fall outs
• Doesn’t crease
• Lovely color and changes with light
• Smudge proof
• Waterproof


Cons of Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow Romantic Pink:

• Available only online
• Worst packaging
• No details of quantity and ingredients I would atleast prefer a suggestion about which skin tone it would suit better.
• Not travel friendly

Rating: 3/5 (If that was glitter free I would have given 4 😀 )

Will I purchase Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow in Romantic Pink again?

No, I would like to try some other color. The color does not look that good on me

Do I Recommend Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow in Romantic Pink?

Obviously, give it a try its very affordable with all the good things in it.

Have Fun.

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