Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow – Soft Gray

Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow – Soft Gray

Hello beautiful ladies,

After reviewing many lip products, today I will be sharing my experience about an eye shadow from the brand Konad. Konad is a brand which is famous for its nail art stuff, but it does sell some other beautiful products. One such product is eye shadow. Konad Iloje Flobu eye shadow comes in 10 different colors. After reading Surbhi’s review on the color “dark grey” and seeing the swatches, I wanted that color, but after searching on many sites, I was not able to find it, so finally I bought a color called “soft gray”.

Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow Soft Gray

Product quantity:



INR 130


These eye shadows come in a plastic packaging, which can be opened and closed after using. Although a palette is needed to store them, but due to the plastic packaging they can be stored even without a palette.


List of ingredients is not mentioned on the pack.

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Product Description:

Konad Iloje Flobu Eye Shadow gives fine particles and a soft feel that enable moisturized and silky smooth application. Enhanced skin adhesiveness prevents the makeup from becoming pasty on the face. Non-clumping, long-lasting color makes bright and beautiful eyes possible. Furthermore, outstanding color and subtle pearls change according to the angle of the light to give fine, 3D eye makeup.

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Use it this way:

• Apply an adequate amount to an eyebrow brush or the bottom of a finger and spread naturally over the skin.
• Apply point color to the tip of a sponge and rub it on the back of the hand or tissue to control the color intensity.
• Spread on the skin around the eyes to finish the makeup.

My take on Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow – Soft Gray:

I assumed the color to be a bit lighter than the dark gray but expected it to be a gray, but actually soft gray is more of a silver toned eye shadow. I am not completely disappointed with the color, but it was not what I expected. These eye shadows come in a plastic packaging and are actually refills. You may need a palette to store them but I prefer storing them in the plastic they come in. The packaging is not very sturdy, but it is just an alternative to store the eye shadow. I can say this because when I received my product, it was broken and the powder was spilling all over the packaging.

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Pigmentation wise, this particular product is not very good. It is a very light color that needs to be swiped 4-5 times to get a good color on lids. The shadow is very smooth to apply and blends very easily, but I am not a huge fan of its staying power. Due to its light color, it faded pretty quickly on my lids. The best part about this product is its price. They are available in an affordable price. The quality is good for this price. Soft gray is a slight shimmery color and contains minute silver colored particles. These shimmer particles are not easily visible, but when visible, gives the eyes, a beautiful shine.
Another thing I liked about this product is the little butterfly embossed on the shadow. It made the shadow look very cute.


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Pros  of Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow – Soft Gray

• Super affordable.
• Good quality.
• Easy to blend.
• Cute packaging, plastic helps to store even without the palette.
• It’s a good color for inner corner highlight.

Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow - Soft Gray swatch

Cons of Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow – Soft Gray:

• Not very pigmented.
• Not very easy to find.
• Fades easily.
• May have fallout problem, if not applied properly.
• List of ingredients is not mentioned.

gray eye makeup

Would I buy Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow – Soft Gray  again?

It is a 50-50 product for me. I didn’t like it much, but INR 130 for 2.5 g is not too much. I already have two colors and thus may not buy it again.

Do I recommend Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow – Soft Gray?

It is not excellent but is definitely worth a try.

IMBB Rating: 3/5

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14 thoughts on “Konad Iloje Flobu Eyeshadow – Soft Gray

    1. i tried it once for the brow bone, but i didn’t like it there….. *nababana* its better as a inner corner highlight for me *haan ji*

  1. i loved the shade…. *woot* lovely EOTD *powder* i have the same shade from Victoria’s secret *hifive*

    1. thanks saloni *thankyou* *thankyou* victoria secret one would me much more pigmented…isn’t it *duh*

  2. the packaging and the shape of the pan is really attractive!!! .. but yea it sucks its not pigmented enough…. but your EOTD look super cute!!!!

    1. thanks mansi……the packaging is indeed attractive…..i especially love the little butterfly on the shadow *oye balle*

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