Konad Iloje Flobu eyeshadow White Review, Swatch


Hi everyone!!!

Today, I will be reviewing Konad Iloje Flobu eyeshadow in shade white. I reviewed it in shade Dark gray a few days back. It was reviewed in shade white pearl as well a few days back.


Shades available:

  •  Pink pearl
  •  Ultra violet
  •  White
  •  White pearl
  •  Chocolate
  •  Ever green
  •  Soft gray
  •  Dark gray

Price: Rs 130

My take on this eyeshadow:

I was in search of a good white brow bone highlighter and when Konad gray eyeshadow, I thought of getting white eyeshadow from this range, after all the gray one was decent and I didn’t want to spend much money on a white eyeshadow which I just wanted to use as a highlighter. I was confused between white and white pearl colors. I finally decided to get the white one because I didn’t want any shimmer or pearl effect in my brow bone highlighter. I just wanted a matte white.


This eyeshadow is definitely white matte, but when I touched it for the first time, it felt too chalky. The color is a total chalky white color due to which sometimes I feel I should have crushed a white chalk and used it for as an eyeshadow instead of getting it. Despite of being chalky white, it does a decent work in highlighting the brow bone because u just need a hint of white there. I don’t use it over my lids because it looks too matte there.

The eyeshadow is pigmented enough to be used as a highlighter, but if you plan to use it is an eyeshadow, you must use a base beneath it. It is very soft and smooth and blends very easily. I have not experienced any fall out with this eyeshadow.

I have tried to use it on my lids to check the staying power and pigmentation. It stays on for about 4-5 hours without any creasing or fading. It can be used to lighten some dark eyeshadows or give that white effect at the inner corner of the lid. But, I would recommend you to get white pearl instead of white for this purpose.

This eyeshadow comes in a plastic cover which can be used to store the shadow. The triangular pan has a glue dot covered with paper below which can be used to stick it in any palette.

• Works decently as a brow bone highlighter
• Soft and smooth texture
• Blends easily
• Stays on for about 4-5 hours when used on the lids and doesn’t crease
• Affordable

• It is too matte and chalky to be used on the lids
• Not easily available

Imbb rating:

Will I repurchase/ do I recommend?
No. I would recommend you to get White Pearl color in this range if you want a highlighter instead of White. This is very chalky and matte.

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7 thoughts on “Konad Iloje Flobu eyeshadow White Review, Swatch

  1. Very detailed review Surbhi. Now-a-days I am contemplating on using eye shadow as part of my makeup. I am very confused right now, no idea how and where to start. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated…. Tnx 🙂

    1. Thanks preeti. u could start with nude eyeshadows because you might not be comfortable with very bright eyeshadows in the beginning. some of the good nude eyeshadows are colorbar selectively nuede palette, colorbar spicy brown, loreal endless chocolate. matte black is must for smoky eyes.when i started with eyeshadows, i bought colorbar palettes and faces go chic palettes. i started gettin single eyeshadows after i knew what colors i liked. we have so many reviews here of colorbar, faces, lakme, inglot eyeshadows. you should check those out. 🙂 all the best 🙂

  2. Hi Surbhi 🙂 Nice review. I have a trio palette from Konad in white, pink & chocolate. I like this one because its most pigmented of all & completely matte. I wear this on lids sometime with NYX jumbo milk underneath & thick black eyeliner 🙂

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