Konad Nail Polish Remover – Strawberry Incense Review

Konad Nail Polish Remover – Strawberry Incense Review

I need a lot of nail polish remover as I keep changing nail polishes regularly. When I saw a 100 ml bottle just for Rs. 160, I thought I should give it a try.  Let’s see how it worked for me.


Product Description:

Mild Acetone formula moisturizes your nails with keratin protein that prevents nails from becoming dry. It is perfumed, so when used, it leaves a sweet strawberry smell.

Directions For Use:

  • Saturate cotton with remover.
  • Press the cotton over the nail surface holding it for a moment and allowing the remover to dissolve the protein and polish.
  • Stroke over the nail until clean.

Nail Polish remover 1

Price and Quantity:

INR 160 for 100 ml.

Nail Polish remover 2

My Take on Konad Nail Polish Remover – Strawberry Incense:

This is a huge bottle when compared to my regular nail polish removers which come in 30 ml bottle. I liked the cute pink packing. The lid is properly designed so that product wastage should be minimal. The hole though looks big, doesn’t lead to product wastage. The main upside of the product is its fragrance. It has a mild strawberry fragrance which suppresses the usual nail polish remover smell, but at the same time, it is not overbearing.

Nail Polish remover 3

To show you how it works, I have used nail polish as well as top coat. I took some product on the cotton pad and wiped it once. I didn’t even apply pressure.

Nail Polish remover 4

It was almost gone except in the corners though these can be take care of in the next swipe.

Nail Polish remover 6

Nail Polish remover 7

I am impressed. The only downside of this product is that it contains acetone which might be a concern for many. I should also mention that it didn’t dry out my nails.

Pros of Konad Nail Polish Remover – Strawberry Incense:

  • Pretty cheap for the quantity.
  • Does the job well.
  • Mild strawberry fragrance.
  • Easy to use.
  • Didn’t dry my nails.

Cons of Konad Nail Polish Remover – Strawberry Incense:

  • Contains acetone.

I am impressed. I will be repurchasing this as this does its job at a decent price tag and will recommend it to girls who use nail polish often. If you are concerned about acetone, skip this.

IMBB Rating:


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