Konad Niju Melon Moisture Hand Cream Review

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I hope everyone is in the pink of health. I had purchased a lot of hand creams, cute flavored ones because winters were going on. I kept some light ones to be used for summers too. The one that I am going to review today is from the brand ‘Konad’. I have tried their nail care products and they work great. So, I thought of giving their skincare products a try. Hence, I got two of their hand creams veriants-Mango and Melon. The one I am going to review today is called Konad Niju Melon Moisture Hand Cream.

Konad Niju Melon Moisture Hand Cream Review


INR 190 for 60 ml.

Product Description:

Convenient and portable for travel. Keeps your skin from dryness and smoothened. Contains extracts from purely natural olive oil and melon. Enjoy sweet and lovely melon flavors fully in both hands. Nutrition focused professional hand care.
Directions: Use this cream frequently everyday whenever hands feel dry. Put proper amount of cream in palm, and massage hands and nails gently.

My Experience with Konad Niju Melon Moisture Hand Cream:

Konad is really famous for their nail products, but most of us haven’t really tried their skin care. So, I picked this product to review. It comes in four variants with different fruity flavors called Mango, Blueberry, Melon and Apple. Melon is a rare one, so I wanted to try it.

It comes in an inverted tube and I really love such tubes because you do not have to press the tube to get the cream out. The tube has a green cap in order to resemble the Melon flavor. The tube is palm-sized and pretty convenient to carry as well. In fact, I am in love with the packaging as it is really convenient.

Konad Niju Melon Moisture Hand Cream Review

The white colored cream is very smooth in consistency. Due to its consistency, it spreads easily on the hands. It gets absorbed in a couple of minutes completely. It does leave behind any greasy feeling. The fragrance is heavenly and exactly like a melon. It is an intensely sweet, fruity and juicy melon fragrance. It gives you a fresh feeling. It smells like those sugar-coated rubbery candies. The fragrance stays for 2-3 hours on my skin and then, it becomes faint.

Konad Niju Melon Moisture Hand Cream Review

Re-application is need after 3 hours, but I apply it only twice a day. The fragrance is perfectly suitable for people who do not like over-powering fragrances like VS and B&BW. It smells good and subtle too. Talking about the hydration, my skin is normal, not dry. Hence, for me it does a good job as it hydrates the skin and keeps it moisturized for a couple of hours.

Konad Niju Melon Moisture Hand Cream Review

It is like an ordinary cream with ordinary hydration properties. So I think It may not be suitable for harsh winters and dry skinned people. But, yes it is going to be amazing for summers, since it gives me the required hydration with such a fresh bubbly fragrance. So, for summers it gets a big thumbs up from my side.

Konad Niju Melon Moisture Hand Cream Review

Pros of Konad Niju Melon Moisture Hand Cream:

• Comes in 4 fruity and juicy variants.
• The packaging is very cute, travel-friendly and extremely convenient.
• The consistency is very smooth and gets absorbed completely within a couple of minutes.
• Treats my normal skin very well and gives it ample boost of hydration.
• Keeps my skin hydrated for 2-3 hours.
• The fragrance is heavenly with a burst of juicy melon and it smells like melon candies.
• Fragrance lasts for 2 hours and then starts to fade.

Cons of Konad Niju Melon Moisture Hand Cream:

• Nothing extra-ordinary.
• People who do not like sweet fragrances may not really like this one.

IMBB Rating:

4/5 (it might get a lower rating if dry skin is considered).

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Konad Niju Melon Moisture Hand Cream?

Yes, I do recommend it to all the fruity fragrance lovers for its sweet and unique fragrance and flavor. Skip it if you are looking for something very moisturizing because we have better ones out there.

As of now, I am loving it for summers, but I am never able to find my HG hand creams. There are still so many in the market to try. 😀


They have really good skincare stuff, I feel. So, I am going to try a few more products by them.

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