Konad Women Three Way Nail Shining Buffer

Konad Women Three Way Nail Shining Buffer

Hi Ladies,

Who does not want long, shiny nails? We decorate them with pretty nail paints and enhance their beauty. But sometimes regular usage of nail paints/nail remover stains the nail too. So it is important to clean the nails using nail buffers to keep then stain free and shiny naturally. I am blessed with shiny nails which are strong and grow pretty fast (touchwood*). I also take good care of them by using nail creams and cuticle oils; however my toenails are something which is always neglected. I wear ballerina and loafers mostly which gives me an excuse to not change chipped nail paints and same paint stays on them for weeks together which leads to staining lately. So, it was my toe nails mainly for which I bought this 3 way nail buffer from Konad.

Konad Women Three Way Nail Shining Buffer


INR 75

What product claims:

3-Way Shining Buffer, Easy to Use, Smoothes Uneven and Ridged Nail Plate Surface, Removes Scratches, Creates High-gloss Shine on Natural Nails.
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My experience with Konad Women Three Way Nail Shining Buffer:

This is my first nail shining buffer so I was very excited about it. It comes in a transparent plastic cover which nothing mentioned about the product or how to use to product. So I figured it out things on my own, there are 3 parts in it, the pink side is the most granular which is ideal for removing stains. The white part is less granular than the pink and should be used to create smooth nail surface. And the other side is grey which feels like leather or rubber and is used to give shine to nails. I have used it on my finger nails and love the shine it gave. And then I used it for the problem area that is the toe nails.

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For my toe nails too it worked very well. I am scared of using anything harshly on my nails or skin surface. I was feeling bad seeing the white powder  from my nails while buffering it. So I went quite gentle on them however if it is done for longer, the results would have been much better. As a buffering product I like it, it worked very well on my already good conditioned hand nails and improved the appearance of my toe nails too.

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Pros of Konad Women Three Way Nail Shining Buffer:

• Removes stains from nails.
• Makes nail surface smooth and gives them natural shine.
• Shine remains for days.
• Sturdy and travel friendly product.
• Inexpensive.
• Pink white combo looks really cute, reminds me of strawberry- vanilla ice cream 😛

Konad Women Three Way Nail Shining Buffer

Cons of Konad Women Three Way Nail Shining Buffer:

• I was expecting more shine on my toe nails, however for finger nails it did a very good job.
• Not very easily available.
• No description about usage is given on pack.
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Do I recommend Konad Women Three Way Nail Shining Buffer?

Yes I recommend this to everyone looking for a good nail buffer within 100 bucks.

IMBB Rating:


Will I be repurchasing Konad Women Three Way Nail shining buffer?

I don’t need to as this will be there with me for really long (in case I lose this, I will buy something else 😉 for the sake of trying different brands ).


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17 thoughts on “Konad Women Three Way Nail Shining Buffer

  1. Wow ur review came to my rescue *happydance* My nails *nails* are stained and I am not using any nail polish from quite few days 🙁 But I am definitely getting this. BTW can u plz tell me from which site u ordered??? Thanks

  2. wow it’s totally worth it !! I’m too blessed with good hand nails (touchwood touchwwod!) *hifive* and I also neglect my toe nails… 😛 this seems to be a good one! wonder where will I find it here! *thankyou* *thankyou* for the review …

  3. Nice find Sweta.. I use a gray colored buffer block that I got from Beauty Palace in Crawford. It adds a superbb shine to my nails. I think it costs around Rs.65 or 70…. Do try that out if you get a chance to go there.. 🙂

    Loving the smileys on IMBB *pompom* *pompom* *pompom*

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