Korean Diet Tips for a K-Pop Figure

Along with Korean skin care routines, Korean diet plans are also quiet popular. K-pop models have flawless skin and petite figure which makes them look young and attractive. Although many Korean diet plans are too extreme, there are some general rules that are pretty easy to follow. Also, if you incorporate some part of their diet in yours, you will see some difference.

Korean Diet Tips for a K-Pop Figure

1. Eat Loads of Veggies

Like most other oriental cuisine; Korean foods also include loads of fresh vegetables. They love to eat them raw, steamed or stir fried. Eating more vegetable automatically cut down your carb and fat intake,. Do not overcook them to keep the nutrients intact.

2. Say Goodbye to Cold Drinks

Soft drink on wooden table and men sitting

Aerated water is a big no-no for most K-pop girls and also among all Koreans. They prefer having juices and water in place of the sugar-rich drinks. If you think water is boring, add some cucumber slice or lime to it. Along with providing a refreshing taste, it will also detoxify your body.

3. Do Not skip Breakfast

Koreans are very strict about their breakfast. They never skip the breakfast and thus never grab some fast food on the way to work. Eating carb based products for breakfast like rice or noodles is still better than eating nothing or eating fast food. They eat soups, sprout salad, spinach salad and even fish for breakfast. You can try to have some green salad and add some protein in it to get a energizing start to the day.

4. Check the Portions

Muffins with salmon, spinach and cheese

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Koreans do not over eat and this is the key for losing weight. They follow the paper cup rule for this one. Usually they take three small cups and fill one with rice or noodles, one with veggies and one with meat or fish. This is what their one meal looks like. They do the same thrice each day i.e. for breakfast, lunch and dinner. With this moderation, they never go overweight.

5. No Fast Food

You won’t see road side stalls in Korea selling fries and burgers. They cook clean,, fresh food that are great for lunch, dinner or snack and are comparatively much healthier. They cook from scratch, even at road side stalls and people enjoy these food. Koreans are not a big fan of fattening, preserved fast food and this is a key reason behind their slim figure.

6. Dessert In Moderation

Chia pudding with blueberry and jam

Diet conscious Koreans do not eat desserts every day. Even if they do, they keep the health aspect in mind. First of all their desserts are never too sweet as they prever spicy, sour foods more. Even when they eat desserts, they make them mostly at home. They do not add extra sugar and try to use alternatives as honey. Also, they serve fruits with the desserts to make them healthier choices.

7. Preserved Food

Even though Koreans do not like preserved fast foods, they do eat preserved vegetables and meat. These actually keep your gut healthy and supply vitamins and minerals. Along with keeping your figure slim, this also keeps your immune and makes the skin glow. Also the acidic food of these preserved vegetables (like kimchi) makes you feel full and you restrain from over eating.

8. Eat Seafood

Three different seafood platters with fresh ingredients

Seafood are always packed with nutrition and are low in fat contain. If you want a power-packed mini meal, seafood is must. From squids to prawn everything are delicious and have loads of vitamins, minerals and protein. They never overcook the seafood and thus keep the nutrients intact. Also if you are vegetarian, seaweeds are equally nutritious option.

9. No Instant Noodles

Koreans definitely love their noodles, but they are not big fans of instant noodles. These are high in carbohydrates and also have loads of preservatives. If you want a petite figure like them, cook your noodles in a proper way. Adding vegetables, meat, stock and egg to it does not only make the bowls delicious, but also healthy and complete. You can also opt for rice noodles if you want some gluten free option.

10. Cook at Home

Cooking young woman

Eating out is fun, but not when you want to lose weight. Koreans love preparing meals at home. This ensures adding nutritious stuffs together to complete a meal. When you cook, you know what is in the dish and it is easier for you to relate and decide the portion. Also the food is a lot fresher and high on nutrients. Koreans eat out at times, but again moderation is the key. Once or twice a month never hearts, but more than that won’t let you lose the weight at all.

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