Korres Eyebrow Pencil Light Review, Swatch

Korres eyebrow pencil # Light

Hi dolls,

I like to take care of my eyebrows by applying castor oil on them every night and well shaped brows are a delight for my eyes.:)

korres eyebrow pencil light

Long-lasting Cedar wood Pencil with pressed color powder.

Rice starch:

Rice starch has exceptional moisturising properties in addition to its high content of natural antioxidants. It is easily absorbed and thus often used for soothing skin treatments apart from being an efficacious cosmetics ingredient. It acts as an emollient and helps to maintain soft, smooth and supple skin.

Directions to use

korres eyebrow pencil ingredients

Rs 800 for 1.29ml



My experience with Korres eyebrow pencil # light
I love this eyebrow pencil the color is just perfect for my brows. I have used various brow product gels, shadows, wax of various kinds and no other product was natural and safe for my precious brows.

Some time back during Diwali and this festive season I had to put on makeup almost every day. One day while removing makeup I noticed eyebrow hair on the cotton as I got this product the very next day. This is a natural product as has no harmful chemicals and I am glad that it is safe for my brows and has moisturizing properties.:) The color payoff is amazing and it stays on my brows for almost 8 hrs and sometimes even more. The color blends in my eyebrows and looks very natural. I have thick brows but I just love to define them with this pencil.

I have been using this pencil regularly and have not shed a single brow hair since the day I got it . 🙂



Pros of Korres eyebrow pencil # light

  • Amazing color payoff
  • Looks very natural
  • Long lasting
  • Made of good ingredients
  • Easy to sharpen

Cons of Korres eyebrow pencil # Light

  • No conskorres-eyebrow-pencil-light-swatch

Imbb rating
Will I repurchase Korres eyebrow pencil # Light

Yes, will definitely buy this again… considering my obsession for brows it has become a must have for me. 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Korres Eyebrow Pencil Light Review, Swatch

  1. this sounds super nice nidhi. I use brown eyeshadow for my brows but pencil is always nicer and more convenient no.. 🙂 I loved your castor oil tip. would give it a try myself. :)) thanks. 🙂

  2. Thank you RATII.. 🙂 ..glad that u liked it 🙂 … yes pencil is nicer … and time saving 🙂 … do try the castor oil.. btw.. i love love love ur brows 🙂

  3. Nice shade for brows, I’m using a Rimmel brow pencil like this at the moment. Do they have an online store for India?

    1. Thank u Sabrina 🙂 yup i agree an amazing shade for brows 🙂 .. rimmel is also a good one …urban shore Gk N block has them 🙂 .. in various shades 🙂

  4. Thank u Sabrina yup i agree an amazing shade for brows .. rimmel is also a good one …urban shore Gk N block has them .. in various shades

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